Narendra Modi called Ilayaraja

It can be said that there is no one who is not mesmerized by the music of the musician Ilayaraja. But his speeches and comments are contradictory to many. And has faced many controversies due to his comments.

For example, a book was recently published on Ambedkar’s birthday. The preface was written by Ilayaraja. In it he wrote a comparison between Ambedkar and Modi. This erupted into a huge controversy on the internet.

Ilayaraja, however, did not back down from his comments. Thus, there are rumors that the BJP has sided with Ilayaraja because of his support for Modi. The BJP is already working to woo many actors and actresses.

It was not valid only in Tamil Nadu. Because the DMK rule is going on here at present, they are not able to bend the actors. The BJP also plans to bend the cast by targeting the 2024 elections.

In this situation, the background of Ilayaraja speaking in support of Modi is that Ilayaraja’s name is in the list of the next president and many people are unraveling the rumors. And they are going to give a high award to Ilayaraja and that is why the rumor is spreading that he is talking like this.

Above all, a big false browser is coming that Modi phoned Ilayaraja to thank him. Modi has said that it is my privilege that you wrote the preface praising himself in it. Thus many rumors are circulating on the internet.

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