Naruto Promo Sheds Light on Boruto’s Dark Power Boost

Naruto Promo Sheds Light on Boruto’s Dark Power Boost

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations‘ latest episode ended with a major cliffhanger, which revealed Boruto getting a frightening transformation and power boost. The new Team 7 (Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, and Kawaki) battles Boro, the latest “Inner” from the evil Kara organization, and has to form some unprecedented new strategies in order to bring down the virus-spewing monster with superhuman regenerative abilities. However, even when Team 7 manages to stop Boro, they only succeed in turning him into a true monster. In his untethered rampage, Boro nearly beats Boruto to death; instead, Boruto also becomes something of a true monster – and the promo for Boruto episode 208 reveals more about what that transformation is all about.


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The title of Boruto Episode 208 is “Momoshiki’s Manifestation” and it pretty much gives away the mystery, no? Any Naruto fan who has been watching Boruto‘s latest arc will be able to piece together the breadcrumbs that have been dropped and come to the conclusion of what Boruto’s transformation is all about. But in case you need us to explain:

Kawaki’s storyline has revealed how he was groomed and trained by Jigen (aka Isshiki Otsutsuki) in order to serve as his “vessel.” The aftermath of the battle between Naruto, Sasuke, and Jigen revealed that the villain indeed needs a proper “vessel,” as his physical form is seen to be fracturing and breaking down, due to the chakra he expended. Jigen’s regular need for revitalizing treatments from Amado while at Kara HQ suggests that he indeed needs Kawaki back soon, or his very existence is in jeopardy.

Based on what we’ve seen of Boruto’s transformation, powers, and that disembodied voice speaking through him, it’s clear that it’s the spirit of Momoshiki Otsutsuki inside of Boruto. As he died, Momoshiki marked Boruto with the same kind of Karma mark that Isshiki planted on Kawaki; he also warned Boruto that his blue eyes (the Byakugan) would cost him everything. Now we know why.


Whatever the finer details are, it’s now clear that Karma marks are a means for Otsutsuki to possess new bodies. While Kawaki was marked to be the new body (i.e., “vessel”) for Isshiki, Momoshiki clearly marked Boruto in order to resurrect in the young boy’s body. Momoshiki advising Boruto to live out his life (and this delayed manifestation) suggest that Momoshiki’s possession has been progressing ever since his fight with Boruto – but to what degree remains to be seen. There are also a whole lot of questions about what these new revelations mean about Kawaki’s Karma mark, in comparison to Boruto’s

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