Nasty politics that does not like to grow up .. Nelson spitting fire on the fans

For Nelson, who gave the super hit film Kolamau Kokila, Doctor, now the Beast movie has caused a bit of a slip. Thus he has the color of opposition and support from a lot of places.

The Beast movie was great, but with mass actors like Vijay starring, Nelson could not meet the absolute expectations of those fans. This is why the image of the film is not good.

Nelson was already set to direct Rajinikanth’s 169. The superstar’s film is now in question due to the negative reviews that came with this Beast film. Thus the superstar and Nelson come out of the confusion of what to do.

Sun Pictures has been advising Rajini that you can even hire other directors and take your next film if you want. In this situation, fans and others are commenting that Nelson’s inventory is exhausted and it is a waste to trust him anymore.

Confused with all this in mind, Nelson said it would be foolish to criticize someone badly for failing a film. No one has that right.

There are also achievers who have slipped multiple times in the world. So he is talking in such a way as to spit fire at the fans that one should not count one’s talents by putting up a picture.

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