Nayantara Vignesh Sivan ready for marriage .. Do you know when this year!

When Rowdy and I starred in the film, the romance between director Vignesh Sivan and Nayanthara, who played the heroine, blossomed and continues to this day without any quarrel. After that film, the two are now back in ‘Kathuvakkula Rendu Kaadhal’ in which Nayan is directed by Vicky.

The film is also slated for a 28th release. So with the Nayan-Vicky couple ending their engagement last year, fans have been waiting a long time for when they are going to get married.

It has been reported that Vignesh Sivan and Nayanthara have decided to get married in June. It is said that the couple will get married in Nayantara’s hometown Kerala or abroad.

So it will be known as soon as possible whether the wedding will be conducted quietly or lavishly without any extravagance like the engagement.

Also, with only one month to go before their wedding, ‘Kathuvakkula Rendu’ will be their last talk show.

After that they are going to act and direct in subsequent films only after marriage. So their fans who heard the news of Vicky-Nine wedding are talking excitedly about it on social media and congratulating them from now on.

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