Nayanthara who was to play Arya’s younger sister .. the famous director who told the secret

Nayanthara, popularly known as Lady Superstar in Tamil cinema, has co-starred with actor Arya in films like Boss Baskaran and Raja Rani. Their duo in both the films was much admired by the fans.

After that they both never got a chance to play together. They are currently busy acting in their films as there are many film opportunities coming up for both of them. In this case, director and actor Sundar C has revealed a secret about Arya and Nayanthara.

That is to say, the palace movie directed by Sundar C was a huge success. As a result of that success, Sunder C finished the palace film in three parts. The first part starred Sundar C, Andrea, Vinay and Hansika.

In that first part, Sunder C plays Andrea’s brother. But in that character Sundar C first thought of casting Arya himself. Similarly he wanted to cast Nayantara in the younger sister character played by Andrea.

But for some number of reasons both of those characters were played by Sundar C and Andrea. Sunder C has openly stated this in an interview. Maybe if both Arya and Nayantara played brother and sister it would definitely not have been accepted by the fans.

Because there is a separate fan base for the pair’s chemistry. In that sense, it is possible Sundar C’s attempt failed. It is noteworthy that he then cast Arya in a lead role in the third part of the palace film.

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