Nazriya, who answered the villainous question .. is a celebrity who snatches the mouth and provokes

Tamil actress Nazriya made her film debut with Time. She became a fan favorite dream heroine in the very first film. Later Raja appeared in films like Rani, satire, Nikka called Marriage and won the hearts of the fans. A native of Malayalam, she suddenly married Malayalam actor Faqat Basil in 2014 and left the cinema to shock the fans.

He later acted in a couple of Malayalam films and is currently making his Telugu debut with the Tamil film ‘Ande Sundaraniki’ starring Nani. The film is titled “Adade Sundara” and “Aha Sundara” in Tamil and Malayalam. It has been announced that the movie starring Nani, which is a good introduction to Tamil fans at the same time, will be released on June 10.

Meanwhile, Nazriya faced an embarrassment during a press conference prior to the teaser release of the film. Being a Muslim girl, you played a Christian girl named Leela Thomas, the wife of a Hindu boy. What difficulties did you face in selecting the script? At what point did you choose this character? Asked one of the reporters.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Nasria immediately said, “I loved the script and I really liked it when Vivek told me about it. I didn’t do anything big to play Leela Thomas. I understand Leela Thomas’ character and have done exactly what the director wanted me to do.

The teaser of the movie “Ande Sundaraniki” produced by Maithri Movie Makers and directed by Vivek Atreya was released last Wednesday in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Starring Nazriya and Nani in Christian and Hindu roles, the film has evolved into a romantic comedy.

Nazriya, who appears in the film after a long hiatus, has wowed fans with her beautiful expressions and dialogue deliveries. Not only Nazriya but also Nani has captivated the fans with her trademark dialogue.

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