Nedumudi Venu had a unique perspective on acting, writes Sanju Surendran

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I came to be taught about Venuettan’s death, and I was once entirely numb.

My relationship with Venuettan dates wait on to 2005 when I was once a direction student at Movie and Tv Institute of India, Pune. I had decided to produce my closing twelve months diploma movie on a account by award-excellent Malayalam creator Priya AS called ‘Achchan’. After scripting, we notion that Nedumudi Venu would possibly well be the finest person to essay the characteristic of Achan. Thankfully Venuettan’s neighbour was once our delight in Charles Ettan, and he offered me to Venuettan.

Venuettan was once a minute bit reluctant before the whole lot to behave in a student venture. However Charles Ettan’s well timed intervention happy him. Venuettan appreciated the account and the script. However he was once wondering how would it’s to behave in a student venture. Charles Ettan’s single dialogue made the total distinction – “Avarkku calibre ulla kaaranam alle ningale sameepiche.” (They contacted you as they’ve calibre). Then, Venuettan readily agreed to behave in our diploma movie ‘Theeram’.

John Abraham, the prestigious filmmaker and Venuettan’s pal, had advised him hundreds tales about FTII (Movie and Tv Institute of India), and Venuettan was once very delighted when he reached the campus in Pune. He sat by the legendary Records Tree and reminisced about Ritwik Ghatak. Inner a brief while, Venuettan warmed up to the total students and members of the crew. He knew all people by name. He would produce in the day and insist songs in the evening. He had an handsome sense of humour and self-discipline for all people.

Venuettan was once an epitome of persistence. Ours was once a student venture with the total barriers of budget and sources. However no doubt not for once did he whinge or get offended with us. We took a lot of time to take hang of the first shot. Venuettan was once a one-seize artiste. Later he joked to a chum, “Pupil shoot aaya kaaranam 100 Kshama karuthiya naan vanne. Ippo 95 kshama aayi!” (Because it’s miles a student shoot, I came with 100 pardons in my pocket. Now I’ve already spend 95 pardons).

The following day we planned to commute to our predominant situation – Harihareshwar – a cramped Konkan coastal metropolis (about 170 kms away from Pune) surrounded by the Sahyadri hills. It was once a in level of truth arduous journey. Venuettan made a novel assign a question to on the eve of the journey. He acknowledged he wished to commute in a Mercedes Benz automobile to the placement. I was once reasonably baffled. However I tried to produce preparations to rent a Mercedes. Later my pal advised me that he was once correct joking.

On the capability, after we would stop at cramped cities, Venuettan would excitedly bounce out of the auto and crawl round the save aside. I instruct this was once a luxury that he no doubt not had in Kerala – to be an standard man and crawl unrecognised in the road.

Theeram from Sanju Surendran on Vimeo.

The shooting in the seaside was once powerful more difficult than we anticipated. Sand would float away from under the tripods. Rains would play havoc. The solar and clouds would play camouflage and look for, interrupting the float of the shoot. Venuettan was once a in level of truth dedicated artiste. He would mission deep into the ocean. He was once solely into the personality. Simplest once he asked in his deep instruct, “Sanju … Ithra shoot cheyyan …nammuke ithra samayamundo?”. ( Sanju ..Construct we now possess got time adequate to shoot this powerful?).

In Harihareshwar, we shot interior a heart-class dwelling. There was once a portrait of the ragged girl of the apartment on the wall. Venuettan acknowledged, “Factor in how the girl would were in her youth. What would be her costumes and physique language?” He had a special perspective on appearing. The students of the institute felt that his interactions with them was once like a masterclass in appearing. He was once very observant of of us’s gestures and nature.

Robert Bresson once acknowledged, “The issues one can recount with the hand, with the pinnacle, with the shoulders!… What number of needless and encumbering words then disappear! What economic system!” The same was once applicable to Venuettan. He would present me how when appearing for Shankar’s Indian, the save aside he performed a CBI officer, he was once given two pages of dialogues, and he compressed it to a single witness. Less is more!

A pair of years previously, I also had the sheer luck to witness Venuettan act in Kavalam Narayana Panicker’s play ‘Avanavan Kadamba’ had a supreme sense of song, dance, rhythm and diction. He was once a genius who would per chance well without problems swap from Kavalam’s very stylised theatre to movie appearing.In ‘Theeram’, he used his fingers like a magician. His fingers are a movie in itself. As Montaigne acknowledged, “Gaze the fingers, how they promise, conjure, charm, risk, pray, supplicate, refuse, beckon, ask, bask in, confess, flinch, shriek, say, mock and what not besides, with a variation and multiplication of variation which makes the tongue inexperienced with envy.”

There was once a physique reminiscence that he had perfected. He knew exactly the continuity of movement for every shot (then again complicated it’s), or for dubbing, he would per chance well hang and lip-sync the traces, which even the recordist couldn’t determine out.

When asked if he prays, he answered, “What I produce on daily basis is see at the evening sky. There’s a thought called subjective shot in cinema. The camera captures you from my subjectivity. Naturally, there would per chance well also honest unruffled be a counter shot. Out of your level of look for, there’ll be shot taken of me. Possess that, when I see at the stars, I seek the stars from my perspective. Naturally, there would per chance well also honest unruffled be a counter shot. A shot from the attitude of the stars. After we witness at it, it’s reasonably relaxing. There’s not even a solar system or for that matter even our earth. Then what’s the save aside of Nedumudi Venu – the so-called worthy actor in Malayalam cinema? To ponder in regards to the insignificance of issues, this exercise is extremely relaxing.”

Relaxation in Energy, Venuettan. Amongst the shores of the galaxy, you’re subjectively observing at us and smiling.


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