Neeraj Pandey on why Special Ops was followed by 1.5: ‘It is personal, different from the first season’


A series is followed by a sequel nonetheless Neeraj Pandey and his bunch of talented team determined to atomize the mildew with Special Ops 1.5. A tangential segue of forms the set we search what made Kay Kay Menon’s Himmat Singh the man he’s this day, the present debuted only within the near past to a correct response.

Pandey speaks about Special Ops season 1.5, which tells the non-public backstory of Himmat. In an interview with, Neeraj talks about his starvation to search out doable in his characters, and explore their tales. He says he ensures he writes the story and his characters with an empathetic look to relieve away from any form of misinterpretation of facts.

Excerpts from the interview:

Why is there a season Special Ops 1.5, and not a season 2?

In 1. 5, we on the final acquire to know Himmat better, as smartly as his backstory. It is told through the eyes of a police officer Abbas, played by Vinay (Pathak). Abbas is the absolute best one who is conscious of the stuff that even Himmat’s wife doesn’t know. That’s how the story pans out, it’s an tantalizing arc for us as we acquire to tap into scenarios that the audiences are not attentive to in season one.

1.5 is amazingly somewhat a few, and extraordinary within the sense that we embark on the race of three years of his existence, which no one is conscious of about.

We saw Toddler, starring Akshay Kumar and Taapsee Pannu, and then you indisputably wrote Naam Shabana, the backstory of Taapsee’s character. Now it’s doubtless you’ll per chance very smartly be telling us Himmat Singh’s backstory after Special Ops season 1. Is this your formula otherwise you seek for doable in your characters and then explore it?

You are searching for to know if there may per chance be merit within the premise or not. If there may per chance be not any merit, then there may per chance be not any formula. After we are talking about Himmat, he’s the fellow who is main the pack. And ensuing from the important season used to be very plot driven, we absolute best saw glimpses of his non-public existence and the kind that his mind works in home scenarios, nonetheless every person is conscious of him as a guy who sits slack that desk and takes calls which can per chance well be compulsory for the country.

Special Ops 1.5 takes the target market on a race the set they know what this man is fabricated from, and why is this one that he’s. We acquire to tap into his non-public side that formed his genuine side. So, it’s a long way terribly necessary a non-public tale in that sense, and intensely very somewhat a few from what season one used to be.

In Special Ops, you confirmed terrorist attacks in India. Any time we discuss terrorism in our country, the easy purpose is a particular country or community. How originate you acquire good that there may per chance be not any misinterpretation?

That’s not my name. I will discuss absolute best within the context of my tale. After we are talking about the Parliament assault, the set originate you attribute it to? The final tale, the root of it, used to be in step with the 2001 Parliament assault. So we followed that simple lead, and there may per chance be nothing to justify or not justify in that tale. It used to be only a sequence of occasions that used to be triggered in 2001. We don’t are searching for to purpose one particular country, it’s not our ambition to castigate anyone for that subject. It is a long way a tale, the genesis of it used to be laid in 2001 Parliament attacks and we fair followed that lead.

We now comprise got a responsibility to not like misinterpretation, as long as I’m cognizant of that responsibility… We now comprise got actors esteem Vinay (Pathak) and Kay Kay (Menon) round who’re instant to point out if one is in that anxiousness. As responsible storytellers, my actors, me as a tale author, I comprise we are responsible and honest adequate to cope with that it’s not about any hidden agenda in opposition to anyone. It is with regards to addressing that particular issue material fragment, that tale and serving it by following simplest practises of storytelling.

How not easy used to be it to recreate many portions of present Indian historical past, since what you present in your present is your viewpoint, not something that is verified from all angles?

If there used to be no mission, there may per chance be not any stress-free. Share of our job is that we cope with something that has not been done earlier than. A 1.5 is incessantly ever been done earlier than. That used to be the mission and that used to be the stress-free. The frail route is to transfer to season two and then acquire one other season of issues it’s doubtless you’ll per chance comprise already done and decide the story forward. We now comprise got tried to bypass that and acquire it a dinky bit extra complicated, which used to be a ingenious mission for us. So, unless there may per chance be a mission and a measure of something that has not been tried earlier than, it doesn’t stimulate us. That’s also why this pack retains coming together ensuing from we all are conscious that we can originate something unusual, as it’s a long way a tantalizing structure, it has its bear challenges nonetheless we can explore so necessary extra rather than playing protected the final time and fall into a routine.

Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Narrative, an action espionage thriller web-series created and directed by Neeraj Pandey, is space within the Special Ops Universe and stars Kay Kay Menon as the titular Himmat Singh. It started streaming on Disney Hotstar from November 12, 2021.

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