Nelson immerses himself in not knowing what to do with the heady ego.

He has directed three films in Tamil cinema so far.

Thus he got the opportunity to direct the film Beast with Vijay. Although the release of the film was well received, it did not cater to all types of fans.

Meanwhile, Nelson Dileepkumar got the opportunity to direct ‘Rajini 169’ following the film Beast. After the negative review of the film Beast, now Rajini is thinking whether to give him a chance or not.

Sun Pictures, which is also producing ‘Rajini 169’, has been telling Rajini to ‘choose a different director’.

Nelson is in a position to put an end to all this. But he is passing the time without giving any notice.

Just confuse the fans on Twitter saying delete it and delete this. Without revealing it he is waking up not knowing what to do by exposing his existing ego.

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