Nelson to direct Dhanush instead of Leader 169 Here is the real information ..

Director Nelson

Director Nelson is one of the most popular directors in a short period of time.

Following the success of films including KoKo, Doctor, Nelson teamed up with Commander Vijay to direct Beast.

The Beast movie, which was released with great expectations, received a lot of mixed reviews from everyone.

The decision taken by Nelson

As a result, the film has failed miserably in collections other than Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, Nelson will next direct Rajinikanth’s 169. But even before the film began, it was rumored that Nelson would not be directing the film due to Beast’s failure, and would be replaced by another director.

It is also rumored that Nelson will be working with Dhanush at the moment, if Nelson’s circle inquires about this.

Nelson is once again working on the Rajini 169 film script so that the talk should not come in the Rajini film.

Young Kamal’s photo released for the first time from Vikram movie!

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