Nelson who hooks up without letting go of 4 people .. Mathunga Boss is the name of the character

Nelson Dileepkumar is currently the undisputed director of Tamil cinema. In a very short period of time he got the opportunity to direct a film of leading actors. Initially working with Vijay TV, Nelson shot his first film with Simbu.

Nelson’s first hunting king fell halfway through due to callsheet and financial problems. After that with the help of Anirudh and Leica Nelson Kolamau took the picture of Kokila. The film set the tone for his next film.

Never forgetting to help Nelson has Anirudh composing music in all his films. Retin Kingsley also attended the same college with Nelson. Nelson introduced him in his hunting film.

We did not know about him at the time as the film was a half trap. Nelson also introduced Redin Kingsley to Tamil cinema with his next film Kolamavu Kokila. After that, Retin Kingsley overtook Yogi Babu to play him in the movie Doctor. Yogi Babu is no exception. Yogi Babu is also getting a chance in all the films from Kolamau Kokila.

After that Retin Kingsley got the chance to film the leading actors as the closest, daring to anything. And Nelson has been giving the character of Mahali and the parrot, who starred in the Doctor movie, a chance for subsequent films to this day.

Kingsley, Mahali, Yogi Babu and Kili all starred in Vijay’s Beast. And there is no question that Nelson will give them a chance in his next films as well.

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