Netflix: Who is Simon Leviev, ‘The Tinder Swindler’ True Story – Age, Instagram, Girlfriend Polina, and, more!


Netflix: Who’s Simon Leviev, ‘The Tinder Swindler’ Proper Story – Age, Instagram, Female friend Polina, and, extra!: Netflix’s latest actual-life influenced documentary titled Tinder Swindler is making a bawl on the platform as viewers are taking curiosity in this documentary severely, this sequence is in accordance to a man who duped ladies folks for tens of millions by the usage of a dating app whose title is Simon Hayut, but where is he now? what he is doing exact now? how can viewers can admire this documentary movie? and what does Tinder Swindler tells you? all you are going to rep to search out in this article so read this article till the remainder line as we possess covered this blog comprehensibly. Be aware Extra Update On

Who’s Simon Leviev?

Simon Leviev is the changed title of Simon Hayut who conned ladies folks and left them within the aid of within the fling of destruction. This sequence has been released on the 2nd February 2022 and viewers can admire this movie on Netflix as it is streaming on this platform from Wednesday. This sequence has been produced by the producers of the Don’t F*ck with Cats and this sequence is describing the darkish aspect of the dating apps as a man who is a deserter in plenty of countries, seduced and tricked the ladies folks into making tens of millions. The principle aim of the documentary is that one sinful swipe also can additionally be the motive for your destruction. Who’s he? read the next allotment to know about him.

Simon Leviev Instagram and Female friend Polina

Leviev’s actual title is Simon Hayut he salvage his title as Simon Leviev to faux because the relative of the diamond trade multi-millionaire Lev Leviev and he took starting up in Bnei Brak jap city of Tel Aviv in Israel nation. He left Israel in 2011 after making diversified frauds in Israel all the draw thru his teenage and after he shifted to Finland where he aged Tinder Swindler’s trick to dupe the ladies whom he met thru a dating app and fake them as a rich successor and extract money by convincing them as he is in danger and he wished money.

The salvage apart Is Simon Leviev Now?

He remained as a prisoner in Finland for two years after being arrested in 2015 and in 2017 he used to be released from the detention heart and returned to his native nation Israel but earlier than being captured in Israel he flew aid to Europe and started his scheme of Tinder Swindler again. And in 2019 he used to be detained by the Greece police for possessing a unfounded passport after which be extradited to his native nation. He’s currently 31 years aged man and residing in Israel as a free person. His Instagram myth is adopted by 100,000 users on the social media platform.

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