New Trailer of Comedy ‘The Pentaverate’ Starring Mike Myers

Myers brings to life eight different characters

Netflix has released the trailer for The Pentaverate, a new conspiracy comedy series starring Hollywood legend Mike Myers in eight different roles. Alongside the trailer, Netflix has also announced a new cast, including Rob Lowe and celebrity host Maria Menounos, who has been confirmed to appear as a special in the miniseries. The trailer shows a special message from Lowe welcoming a new person who was kidnapped by Pentaverate.

In the upcoming series, Pentaverate was originally founded by five men who discovered that the Black Plague was caused by fleas in 1347. While his visionary discoveries could save millions of deaths, the Holy Church considered men heretical and discredited their research. This prompted them to create a society to covertly influence global events. Centuries later, the secret society is at its peak, and the new trailer teases all sorts of hilarious rituals and costumes developed by Pentaverate over the years.

The new trailer also officially features four of the five members of Pentaverate’s inner circle. First, there is Lord Lordington, the oldest and highest ranking member of the secret society. Joining the former Lord are media mogul Bruce Baldwin, former Russian oligarch Mishu Ivanov, and Alice Cooper’s former manager Shep Gordon. The fifth member was not revealed in the trailer, but Lowe’s message says he was the one who was kidnapped. All four identified members of Pentaverate are played by Myers, who plays Ken Scarborough, a clumsy Canadian journalist who will attempt to uncover the world’s greatest conspiracy.

Myers hasn’t made headlines in a major live-action comedy project since The Love Guru in 2008, which bombarded critics and audiences alike. But the star is making up for lost time on The Pentaverate. As the trailer highlights, Myers jumps from one episode to the next in the upcoming miniseries, joking about the most ridiculous conspiracy theories people have come up with. The series also stars Ken Jeong, Keegan-Michael Key, Debi Mazar, Richard McCabe, Lydia West, and Jennifer Saunders. Saunders is the only other actor with multiple roles as he will play the two leading members of Pentaverate. The series is directed by Tim Kirkby. Pentaverate hits Netflix May 5th.

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