Newly released Vijay’s Beast movie new promo- Commander Attakasam

Nelson Dileepkumar has directed the film Beast which has given him the opportunity to direct Commander within a few years of his directorial incarnation in cinema.

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This is Nelson’s 3rd film, Commander’s 65th, and Anirudh Vijay’s Knife, Master, Beast. This is the first film to pair up with Pooja Hatch Commander.

Coming up on April 13th is the grand release, wherever you are the Commander’s posters and banners are everywhere.

New promo

Sun Pictures has released a lot of posters, trailers and songs related to the film so far. Now that the film is set to release tomorrow, new promos are in the works.

Now the new promo of Vijay’s Beast movie has been released.

Super Singer Pragati who posed in such a dress at the age of 24 .. Fans commenting

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