Next James Bond casting talks won’t begin until 2022, says Barbara Broccoli

Next James Bond casting talks won’t begin until 2022, says Barbara Broccoli Entertainment

“We want Daniel to have his time of celebration.”

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“Who’s next?” is a question popping up in two big franchises at the moment, with the hunt underway for a new Doctor Who on TV and a replacement needed in the role of James Bond on the big screen.

Daniel Craig’s final 007 outing, No Time to Die is being released this week – it’s really happening this time – and after that it’s all change in the world of Bond, with the next actor to grab the keys to the Aston Martin due to be cast.

But if you are expecting an announcement imminently then you may want to manage those expectations. According to Bond producer, Barbara Broccoli they have not even begun to reach out to anyone to take over yet.

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“We’re not thinking about it at all,” said Brocolli while chatting to BBC Radio 4 for their morning news show, Today. “We want Daniel to have his time of celebration. Next year we’ll start thinking about the future” she added.

Brocolli was on the show alongside her fellow Eon Production head Michael G. Wilson and he added that the search will not be simple, as Craig is not someone who can be easily replaced. “He’s been such a great Bond. Those are big shoes to fill.”

The pair also spoke about being able to get Craig to play the iconic role in the first place and the apprehension he felt about taking it on. “We could see he was reluctant to do it because he knew it would change his life, which it obviously has” she explained. “It’s changed his life, but it hasn’t changed him.

“What he’s enabled us to do with the franchise is really explore the emotional life of Bond and go into the person and complexity and conflicts that happen within the Bond character.”

No Time To Die is released in cinemas in the UK on Thursday 30th September – visit our Movies hub for more news and features, or find something to watch with our TV Guide.


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