Nivinpalli holding a mouse and hanging .. Time is not right for a film actor

Despite being a Malayalam actor, actor Nivin Pali has impressed the Tamil fans with his film Time in Tamil. He became an unstoppable star in Malayalam with his huge success in the Malayalam film Premam which was released in 2015.

In this situation, Nivin Pali has been having a hard time running films recently. Every side has been a major headache for him. Wondering what to do with it now he has come down to a different story.

Director Ram, who has done films like Kartatu Tamil and Tharamani, is all set to direct a film starring Nivin Pali. Ram is taking that picture with a lot of trees and animals.

Usually the pictures taken by Ram are often created in such a way as to open one up with nature. Similarly, Nivin Pali-Ram has teamed up to play the role of a monkey and a crocodile.

A positive result is circulating in Kodambakkam about this intimidating film with Suri along with Nivin Pali. Throughout the film Suri is doing a rat journey with Nivin Pali. This is the first commercial film that Ram will make.

So after a long hiatus Nivin Pali has re-entered Tamil cinema with Tamil director Raman and fans are already looking forward to his film.

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