No Alia, Raja Rani 2 who was ousted in DRP .. Top 3 Favorite Vijay TV Series!

Logo fans will find out which series they like the most in that week’s DRP rating. Thus Vijay TV’s DRP rating for this week is spreading virally on social media.

In this, Pakkiyalakshmi serial, which beautifully portrays the plight of housewives, holds the top spot and takes the lead in DRP. Following this, Bharathikannamma serial which has changed the course of the story by showing the cooking mother as an officer has taken the second place.

Pandian Stores, which usually ranks first two, is currently relegated to third place. Fans will be bored as the story revolves around the fact that this week in the series Mulla underwent artificial insemination treatment. That is why Pandian Stores is facing setbacks.

Following this, the brand new serial ‘Tamil and Saraswathi’ which was just a few months after the launch of the 4th place has been available. Fifth place goes to Raja Rani 2 serial. This serial also usually gets top 3 places. But after changing the heroine Arya, this serial and DRP are getting heavily hit.

However Riya, who is currently playing Sandhya, is improving her acting a little bit. The sixth place has also got to the silent raga. Seventh place has got the brand new serial Wet Rose 2 Serial which shows couples falling in love and changing the other couples who were already married and experiencing the mental anguish they are experiencing.

This was followed by the eighth-ranked serial The Breeze Comes Touch Me, the ninth-place Flight Serial and the 10th-place Servant Serial.

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