No chance to act as a comedian again .. Santhanam shocked

Santhanam is famous for his show Lollu Saba aired on Vijay TV. Following this, he got a chance on the silver screen. His comedies were well received by the fans. He was also a committed actor in several films in a single year.

And in some films, Santhanam’s character was given more importance than the heroes. In this situation, Santhanam got the status of a hero through the movie Kanna Laddu Tinna Aasaiya.

Following this, he continues to act as the protagonist, as if he would act as the protagonist if he acted on someone’s inspiration. But the films starring Santhanam as the hero did not get much response among the fans.

The recently released film Digilona starring him has received some attention from the fans. In this situation, Santhanam has given an interview to a media. In it, Santhanam shared his thoughts on many comedians.

In it, Vivek’s comedy Periyar is thoughtful and said that his death was a great loss to Tamil cinema. The interviewer asks if you can see yourself as a comedian again in this situation.

Santhanam who responded to it said that I have become a hero so I can never go beyond my character and become a comedian again. Due to the presence of comedians like Yogi Babu and Redin Kingsley in Tamil cinema, fans are saying that even if Santhanam returns as a comedian, his comedy will not be taken up at present.

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