No longer is Venpaa just like that .. the director who dummies Willie

The bad times have now begun for Venpaa, who has been living apart from his wife and daughters for nine years on Vijay TV’s Bharathikannamma serial. Thus Bharati, who had not spoken to Venpaa for so long, is now making every decision in his own mind without seeing her as an object.

Venpa, who was recently arrested by the police in that regard, has since come out with the help of her mother. In this situation, she met Bharathi in disgust and scolded him saying ‘I hate you’ as he did not question her about being taken away by the police and after coming out.

Even then Bharati is quiet when she speaks angrily without convincing Venpaa. After that Venpa returns home and tells the housemaid what happened and cries.

Wenpa’s mother who heard me say I don’t want Bharati anymore, you have just come my way. Her mother advises Venpaa to forget about Bharti and start living the life I say.

Venpaa’s mother, who is already boiling like she’s pouring oil on a burning fire, thinks that he did not respond to Bharathi’s’ I hate you ” and keeps on talking more and more like this.

However Venpa will not give up Bharati to Kannamma and choose another life as soon as Venpa’s mother thinks. Since Venpaa is the willy of this serial, of course her character will only be able to speak if she is a hindrance to Bharathikannamma.

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