Nobody wants to do that, but Ajith did – said Vijayakumar proudly

The biggest actor in Tamil cinema.

Fans will want to call him Tala as the head, but Ajith said that those who love me should not call me AK or Ajith anymore.

This has given the fans a little sadness.

Vijayakumar about Ajith

Vijayakumar and Arun Vijay have acted in the same film for the next generation as his son. The name of the movie is O My Dog and the movie has been released and is running successfully.

When actor Vijayakumar speaks at one of the promotions of the film, I have seen so many heroes in cinema. Beyond them, for example, if we beat two slaves too much, the Chinese will just throw up.

But Ajith did not even ask Vijay to take on a role in the film if he knew me and told me to leave whatever was written to him as it is.

He has spoken proudly that no good mind can come to any actor.

What is the story of Vijay’s 66th film- Producer Dil Raju narrated the whole story

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