Not only Nayanthara but also this actress is starring in Shahrukh Khan movie directed by Aadli!

Three heroines in the film directed by Attlee

Director Aadli has become the top director of Tamil cinema and all the films released under his direction have been blockbuster hits.

Accordingly, following the blockbuster alliance with Vijay, director Attlee went to the Bollywood side.

He is currently directing Line with actor Shahrukh Khan, in which he will be paired with actress Nayantara.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that not only Nayanthara but also another famous actress is starring in the film.

Yes, it has been reported that three actresses including Nayanthara, Priyamani and Sanya Malhotra will be starring in the film.

Wait, vote, awesome love, so much revenue in 5 days in Tamil Nadu?

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