Obi-Wan Kenobi is lastly here and the very first 2 episodes measured up to the enormous buzz. Among the best parts of the series up until now has actually been the music. While the fantastic primary rating is being done by Loki’s Natalie Holt, the Kenobi style was done by John Williams. Everybody understands Williams as the musical legend behind the noise of Star Wars. The style itself is traditional Star Wars and Disney simply launched the brand-new track, so every fan can jam out to their heart’s material till the next episode.

Obi-Wan, in its very first 2 episodes, has actually been a traditional tale of a fallen hero that needs to come out of retirement and start a harmful rescue objective, an objective that will bring him deal with to face with his previous failures. That is shown in Obi-Wan’s musical style. It has the weighty horns and whimsically daring undertones you’d pertain to anticipate from the franchise, however everything includes this layer of mournful disaster. Unlike past Star Wars pieces, the style never ever gets too big or legendary. Right when you believe the music will blast you off into a galaxy far far, it keeps back.


It’s a far more reserved piece that fits our hesitant hero well. Rather of increasing like most styles in deep space do, the Obi-Wan style constructs and constructs up until it eventually is up to a lower register, a darker tone that the style remains in for the rest of its run time. Once again, the style has those iconic franchise feels, however you can find out a lot about Kenobi’s present state by simply the music that accompanies him. He is a conflicted man torn in 2 various instructions. On the one hand, he is attempting to carry on from his dark past and failures, however on the other hand, he is attempting to still be the hero he as soon as was by safeguarding the future rescuers of the galaxy. It shows a man that numerous fans understand and enjoy, however from a various, more fully grown, viewpoint.

Williams has actually been around Star Wars as long as old Ben Kenobi himself. Throughout the 45-year history of the franchise, the author has actually made a few of movie theaters most iconic pieces of music. Not everybody is a Star Wars fan, however anybody can think the franchise by simply its popular title track. Williams has actually produced numerous pieces of music in this large universe that has actually assisted keep the series from feeling stagnant all these years later on. A few of his pieces like his style for Anakin and Padmé, “Across the Stars”, are a few of the most psychological pieces of music ever composed. His Obi-Wan style continues the series’ abundant psychological core while standing toe to toe with a few of the best music in the franchise.

The very first 2 episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi are streaming on Disney+ today. While we wait on episode 3 to drop next week, you can listen to Williams’ brand-new style for the series down below.