Having something that makes you immediately think about a television program continues to be a popular part of most long-running series, at this moment ending up being rather of a custom. Running gags can be found in different kinds, be that an individual to the most distinctively strange things. From How I Met Your Moms blue french horn to The Big Bang Theorys triple knock, most comedies have actually something understood just to them.

Buddies was on the air from 1994 to 2004 and built up over 2 lots running gags over its ten-year run. From repeating characters like Janice (Maggie Wheeler) and her popular catchphrase to Ross (David Schwimmer) and his amusing method of swearing without really swearing, Buddies definitely wasnt doing not have in their running gags. Could we BE anymore thrilled?

Ugly Naked Man

A character who just ever physically appeared on screen an overall of 3 times ended up being a really unforgettable running gag throughout the shows initially 5 seasons. Awful naked man, nicknamed by the gang, was a character pointed out a couple of times, with the very first recommendation in the 2nd episode of season one.

He existed from the start of the program with his last reference and physical look in the fourteenth episode of season 5, “The One Where Everybody Finds Out.”. While unsightly naked man never ever continued past the 5th season, he continued to be an unforgettable part of the program.



Each of the buddies had their own little catchphrase of sorts. Rachels (Jennifer Aniston) was an extended exasperated “no!” and Phoebes (Lisa Kudrow) was a deflated, “oh no.” However maybe the most frequently utilized of the 3 came from the more youthful Geller brother or sister, Monica (Courtney Cox).

Through seasons 2 to 10, she would pronounce her short however really unforgettable catchphrase a specific method whenever. Even the remainder of the gang would rely on her go-to “I know!” and simulate the specific decibel she would utilize. Even nearly thirty years after its very first look on the program, its still simply as unforgettable.

Regina Phalange

Phoebe might have been through a great deal of injury, however it definitely didnt stop her from being her real and loveable self. Whether it be her hit tune or never ever being one to avoid a sticky scenario, you cant assistance however like her distinct character.

Of the numerous qualities of Phoebe, her alias Regina Phalange might effectively be among the best. From being utilized to assist Joey (Matt LeBlanc) win over his hand twin in “The One in Las Vegas Part 1” to persuading a whole airplane filled with people that there was something incorrect with the left phalange, her interesting name for different things was a constant part of the program.

Smelly Feline

“Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?” Be truthful. You sang that, didnt you? Phoebes iconic tune, Smelly Feline, was ever-present throughout the program, most typically turning up as her go-to tune whenever she would carry out at the coffee home, Central Advantage.

This short and sweet little musical number ended up being exceptionally popular amongst fans. It turned into one of the shows longest-running gags, with its very first reference early in season 2 and continuing throughout all 10 seasons. For a designated joke tune set to make just one look, we definitely couldnt envision the program without it.

Could I BE…?

Chandler (Matthew Perry) typically turned to sarcasm, normally leading to some amusing reactions in discussions. However, his sarcasm wasnt the only element of the character that typically had fans laughing, and as soon as the program accentuated it, you couldnt miss it.

Throughout its whole, the Buddies authors had a great deal of enjoyable with Chandlers focus on the word “be,” typically making it a centerpiece of funny over its ten-year run. Typically teased by his buddies for it, it ended up being a really constant part of the program and an enormous part of Chandlers character. Could we BE more ideal?

Joey And Food

“JOEY DOESNT SHARE FOOD!” Every Buddies fan understands this. Joey Tribbiani has numerous qualities that make it difficult not to like him. Be that his goofiness, love of food, or commitment to individuals he enjoys, you cant assistance however have a soft area for him.

Joey made it really clear that he liked his food, and he was closed to sharing it with anybody. From taking pleasure in a pie with some doubtful filling to consuming a baloney sandwich in the shower, this man continued to go larger and much better when it pertained to his food, and he wasnt at all picky about what remained in it.

Fist Banging As Swearing

Be truthful. Every Buddies fan has actually utilized Ross go-to for swearing at somebody without really swearing at somebody a minimum of as soon as. Its enjoyable to utilize and an excellent method to discreetly inform somebody youre mad at them. And if that individual isnt a fan of the program and has no concept what it implies, perk.

Ross fist banging as swearing, aka the friendly finger, was a technique he comprised as a method to swear at Monica without their moms and dads discovering. The gesture ended up being a cherished running gag throughout the program, with the remainder of the gang participating on the enjoyable on numerous events. Its silly and ridiculous, however its incredibly enjoyable to utilize, and we still like it after all these years!

Oh My God

OH. MY. GOD. For several years, these 3 little words were the bane of Chandlers life. This short stating came from the one and just Janice Litman-Goralnik and would impart chills down Chandlers spinal column at the noise of her voice.

Whenever Janice would appear in the program, it would normally begin in the kind of her iconic “oh my god,” followed by her simply as iconic laugh. Janice was a popular repeating character, so her go-to quote was rapidly connected with her. Even nearly twenty years after the shows end, its difficult to hear “oh my god” without thinking about Janice.

How You Doin?


Joey from friends asking his classic pick up line