One Piece Announces Two Long-Awaited Figures

One Piece Announces Two Long-Awaited Figures

The War For Wano Arc is raging in both the pages of Eiichiro Oda’s manga and in the episodes of One Piece’s anime adaptation, and it seems that two of the biggest villains from the current major arc will be receiving some new figures that more than a number of fans have been waiting for. With Kaido and his Beast Pirates running the isolated nation with an iron fist, it’s clear that the antagonists have become some of the most recognizable in the series to date and definitely pose one of the largest threats to the Straw Hat Pirates.

King and Queen hold powers, much like the other Beast Pirates, that allow them to transform into beasts themselves, specifically dinosaurs, whose forms allow them to tower over their opponents. With these Beast Pirates having a mastery of various viruses that have caused a headache for both Luffy and Chopper in the past, the two higher-ups have proved themselves to be two of Kaido’s most loyal subjects while also marching their way to becoming the strongest soldiers in Wano. With the War For Wano ready to get into the thick of it in the anime, expect some major battles ahead for both King and Queen to the detriment of Luffy’s crew.

Twitter User New World Artur shared the first look at the two highest members of the Beast Pirates, who have gained the power to transform into dinosaurs thanks to being a part of the organization that Kaido has run and used to overtake an entire nation for themselves:

We’re finally getting official King and Queen figures!!

— Artur – Library of Ohara (@newworldartur) July 1, 2021

One Piece’s Eiichiro Oda hasn’t been shy about his plans to end the Shonen series within the next five years, bringing the decades-long series to a close, and it’s clear that the War For Wano is easily going to be one of the biggest battles that Luffy and his friends have seen to date. Even though the manga is quite far ahead of the events taking place in the anime, the War For Wano isn’t close to coming to a close and it will be interesting to see if Queen and King can be defeated.

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