One Piece Nabs Legendary Director for Episode 982

One Piece Nabs Legendary Director for Episode 982

One Piece has nabbed a legendary director for the next episode of the anime! The Wano Country arc’s third act is now in full swing as with the end of the Oden Flashback sub arc, the latest string of episodes have seen Luffy and the rebel samurai forces struggle to leave the shores of Wano and head towards their main goal of Onigashima. The newest episode of the series turned things around in their favor big time, however, as Jinbe officially made his return to the anime and became a full member of the Straw Hat crew.

This means that soon Luffy and the massive group of rebels will be making landfall on Onigashima, but before that can happen the series is getting ready to show us what we can actually expect to see on the island as Kaido and Orochi have gathered their respective forces for the big party. It’s a major turning point that brings in several new foes, and Toei Animation is making sure to do this right as it features Megumi Ishitani as director for Episode 982.

Official preview of episode 982 !#ONEPIECE

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Ishitani is a relatively new director to One Piece‘s anime line up, though has been seen in several projects in Toei Animation’s past like Dragon Ball Super. One Piece fans will most likely recognize the director’s work from the huge episode following the Reverie arc after Wano Country’s second act ended. Episode 957 of the series featured just as big of a status quo update while juggling just as many characters as we’ll see at Onigashima, and really blew fans out of the water.

The anime has been nothing short of impressive since the start of the Wano Country arc a couple of years ago, and only continues to surprise as the teams behind the series have selected a few choice moments in the series to highlight with some sublime animation work. The anime is going to impress once more with just the introduction of Onigashima itself along with all of these characters, so it only excites further to imagine what it will look like when we finally get to see each fight take place.

Are you ready for One Piece‘s newest episode? How have you liked how the anime has tackled the Wano Country arc so far? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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