One Piece’s Straw Hat Pirates Are Ready to Rock in brand-new Movie Art

One Piece’s Straw Hat Pirates Are Ready to Rock in brand-new Movie Art
One Piece’s Straw Hat Pirates Are Ready to Rock in brand-new Movie Art

The new IMAX poster for One Piece Film: Red flaunts review at Luffy as well as pals’ new punk-rock inspired outfits.

The brand-new picture reveals all ten participants of the Straw Hat Pirate team, including collection protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, in the brand-new outfits that they will use in the movie, which mix elements of classic pirate equipment with punk-rock passionate style. The leading half of the poster portrays the charismatic sea captain Red-Haired Shanks and Uta, a brand name brand-new character that will certainly make her launching in the motion picture and also was previously disclosed to be Shanks’ separated little girl.

One Piece Film Red sees Luffy, Zoro, Nami and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirate staff taking a trip to a new island in order to go to a renowned music event. There they encounter the popular singer Uta, whom Luffy has actually evidently understood ever since they were both small children. Various other reoccuring personalities from the series, consisting of the fan-favorite Trafalgar Law as well as numerous participants of the Marines, will likewise appear in the brand-new movie.

Oda formerly joked that Film: Red was born from his need to include a new female character to the collection’ actors, mentioning “I am tired of drawing famous old grandfathers in flicks! The script for the brand-new film is being penciled by Tsutomu Kuroiwa, that previously created One Piece Film: Gold. The new film is being directed by Code Geass’ Goro Taniguchi, who routed the series’ initial animated adaptation, One Piece – Take Down!

That hardly ever seen computer animated short will certainly be evaluated at the upcoming One Piece Day special occasion, which will mark the 25th anniversary of the collection’ 1997 launching with two days of new news, interviews, music performances as well as unique testings. The producers of the series are guaranteeing to have brand-new info on every element of the franchise, including the manga, anime, and its forthcoming video games. The occasion will certainly be livestreamed around the globe in both Japanese as well as English on July 22 as well as 23.

In the 25 years since its launching, One Piece has come to be the very successful manga of perpetuity, with over half-a-billion duplicates in circulation worldwide. While the series remains incredibly prominent, Oda just recently revealed that the collection’ following legend will be its last. The manga is currently on a one-month hiatus and will start its last act on July 25.

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