Online business that has enslaved people .. The story of the formation of the demon Amazon

Hello dear friends. We continue to find a series of articles about the lives of many rich people and their career commitment on our Cinema Hood website. In that sense the world’s richest man we’ve seen today is the president of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

Amazon, a US-based company, is one of the most sought after items in the world today. Amazon is one of the leading companies trading products online. There is no such thing as a website that is not available on the Amazon website. The company was started by Jeff Bezos. You can find out more about his life here.

Born in the United States in 1964, Jeff completed his college education at Princeton University. He was interested in studying engineering in the field of electrical and computer. The first thing that motivated him to start a business called Amazon was his passion for book reading. So he first designed Amazon as a website that only sells books online. What he designed was a favorite of many. The Amazon website soon became very popular among the people because of its easy selection of books and very easy payment method.

Amazon, which initially sold only books, gradually grew. The business was doing well enough to earn up to $ 20,000 a week. With this, Jeff became more confident and increased his sales of CDs, video games and toys. He also introduced sporting goods to impress athletes and teenagers. For this he got the benefit of the hand. His business grew rapidly. With the popularity of these products among the people he went one step further and started selling clothes online. What will be the quality and size of the clothes in the beginning? People who thought that, began to buy on the promise of repayment if they did not match. It is interesting to note that over time, clothing and accessories became the top selling items on Amazon.

Amazon entered the stock market in 1997. With this he began to take his place in the ranks of the super rich. He entered the stock business and made $ 300 million from it. He also showered numerous offers, such as free delivery and discounts on specific credit cards, for customers who purchase more than $ 100. As a result, Amazon soon overtook eBay to take the lead.

Amazon, the only online business, went to the next level in 2005. Introduced a subscription system called Amazon Prime. This introduced the idea of ​​people watching movies on TV for less money at home. It was very well received by the people. In 2007, Jeff introduced the Kindle, a portable software book reader.

In 2014, Jeff met success and failure equally. Yes, Amazon’s smartphone, the Fire, which he introduced, failed miserably. He is said to have lost up to $ 170 million as a result. The Echo speaker model he introduced the same year received a good deal of attention. That way many of the equipment today can be used from the sitting position.

Amazon’s asset value and trading share price soared as it continued to innovate with good products and innovations that people wanted. In 2018 Jeff recorded their business market value of over $ 1 trillion. Through this Jeff continued to be at the forefront of the list of the richest people in the world.

And Jeff has a personal interest in aerospace and space travel. Due to this in 2000 he formed a company called ‘Blue Origin’ and thereby developed aircraft and space travel engines. In 2021 he set a record by traveling on his own space rocket. He has spent Rs 205 crore to go into space. His dream is to constantly try and get people to travel by rockets on behalf of his company.

Jeff was a good citizen to them personally. He divorced his wife, McKenzie Escort, after living there for 26 years. He has a son named Preston Bezas.

Many will say that books have set up a good lifestyle. But it is no exaggeration to say that Jeff improved his lifestyle more and more with books.

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