‘Only You’ Ending, Explained: Do Dee & Edong Live Happily Ever After?


Lucky are of us which relish a marvelous seaside hometown to discuss over with for a immense trail. A transient whereas spent shut to nature can rejuvenate a person. “Most attention-grabbing You” tells the myth of a busy metropolis girl and her life-altering trail to her hometown, where she explores delight in, family, and associates. Directed by Marla M. Ancheta, “Most attention-grabbing You (or Ikaw)” is a Filipino romantic drama featuring Janine Gutierrez and Pepe Herrera in the lead roles. 

‘Most attention-grabbing You’ Place of living Abstract

Residing in the metropolis of Manila, Dee is a true property agent who’s procuring for a ethical man to head out with. She has been in three unsuccessful relationships earlier than and mute has no longer realized the one she would possibly maybe per chance maybe employ her life with. After assembly one extra unworthy man on a blind date, she is thinking of giving up on relationship. She has her work to retain her busy. Dee’s oldsters died of sickness when she become in college, and now she most fantastic has her grandmother, who lives abet in her hometown.

Dee visits her grandmother one week earlier than her birthday to abilities some quality time alongside with her and additionally to come by a leisure from the worrying metropolis life. Dee become busy constructing her profession and hadn’t gotten to discuss over alongside with her hometown in a long time. She has nearly forgotten the of us and areas there. Her grandmother runs an eatery that is in vogue amongst the of us of Bulusan. Dee meets many folk her age thanks to the eatery; Edong, the coconut dealer, Faye and Bert, the waiters, and Manny, Edong’s simplest buddy. She enjoys her time with them and feels happier than she has ever felt in the metropolis. In a quick span of time, Edong and Dee devolope feelings in direction of each and each diversified. Will this correct be a trail crush for Dee or become one thing extra? 

Dee’s Commute In Bulusan

Dee is taking half in her preserve in Bulusan alongside with her grandma and the whole of us she has introduced to her. She jogs on the seaside, sleeps each time she desires, and events alongside with her unusual associates at night till the spoil of daybreak. Her unplanned trail is turning out to be extra stress-free than she anticipated. She takes her unusual associates on a trail to a deepest seaside, and all americans looks thrilled, except Edong. He appears to be like bored stiff and doesn’t preserve half in any stress-free activities. After Dee insists, he opens as much as her. Edong’s oldsters died in an accident when he become young, and since then, he has raised his shrimp brother, Dudong, who’s a doctor now. What makes him unhappy is that Dudong desires to promote his fraction of the coconut farm to immigrate. 

Edong has a dream of building and selling coconut wine and vodka, but Dudong’s decision goes to interrupt his dream earlier than it must initiate. He has no desire but to terminate it for his brother’s sake. Whereas Dee is having stress-free with associates, her grandma gets hospitalized and has to shut down her eatery for the time being. Seeing her grandmother, her co-workers, and their standard possibilities are disappointed and hunting ahead to the eatery to commence again. Dee takes the subject into her have fingers and begins the eatery again. Though she can’t cook dinner firstly establish, her grandma teaches her have recipes to Dee. 

Dee’s trail is ending quickly, and she is perplexed about what to terminate. Grandma has given the whole property rights to Dee and she is allowed to terminate whatever she desires with it. If she desires to promote everything and plod abet to Manila, Grandma has agreed to come alongside with her as effectively. Dee has a a hit profession and a luxurious life in Manila. She misses her grandmother, her eatery, Edong, and the whole associates right here in Bulusan. On the day of her leaving, Edong requests Dee to no longer head, but she has already made her decision. 

Explanation of the Ending

Edong has lived a arduous life, getting cash and elevating his shrimp brother. He had never had a likelihood to drop in delight in earlier than he met Dee. On the replacement hand, he doesn’t expose her his accurate feelings as a consequence of he thinks that she’s going to leave their town quickly and additionally as a consequence of he’s haunted. Dee is richer than he’s, has a specific everyday life, and wouldn’t presumably delight in a little-town guy delight in him. All of his doubts vanish when Dee additionally admits to having feelings for him.

Sooner than coming to Bulusan, Dee didn’t know how her life become going to trade. She has made associates delight in family, and all of it feels delight in a dream to her. a dream that she’s going to come by up from when she goes abet to her competitive life in Manila. On the replacement hand, she has made her desire between this dream-delight in life and the mundane metropolis life in Manila. She tells Edong her decision when he’s begging her to no longer leave. She decides to leave her metropolis life at the abet of for ethical and settle in Bulusan, and she additionally provides to to find Dudong’s fraction of the farm so that Edong can develop his dream come accurate. 

Dee’s life couldn’t be to any extent extra perfect when all that she wished in life- associates, family, delight in, and peace, were by her side. She gets married to Edong, and they also are making ready to beginning their coconut wine and vodka industry. Sadly, Dee and Edong’s happiness doesn’t closing prolonged. Edong drowns in the ocean whereas saving Manny, who become drunk. Dee become mute hopeful of finding him, but Edong’s physique couldn’t be retrieved even after many days of browsing. She in a roundabout arrangement provides up on finding him and they also fabricate his closing rituals.

One simply can no longer relish a perfect life. Even the moment you dispute about that you just would be in a position to just relish a perfect life is as fragile as skinny ice. Dee and Edong would possibly maybe per chance maybe never reside the perfect life they wished together. The movie runs for 109 minutes and presentations scenic cinematography. Grandma’s eatery feels delight in a classic café in the faded space of your town where of us of diversified generations come to abilities the evergreen tastes. The grandmother’s relationship with all americans round her, including Dee, appears to be like powerful deeper than Dee and Edong’s relationship with each and each diversified. The romantic chemistry is exclusively lacking between the lead characters. The movie provides extra cleave-of-life vibes than romantic ones. Besides for the disappointing ending, it is provocative ample to retain you attracted to it.

“Most attention-grabbing You” (or Ikaw) is a 2021 Filipino Romantic Drama movie directed by Marla Ancheta.

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