‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 11 & 12: Recap/Ending – Does Ung & Yeon-su Start Dating?


Previously, in Our Loved Summer season, Ung and Yeon Su sparked a fresh relationship, nonetheless this time, as an replace of being fans, they made up our minds to radically change chums first. Even although Yeon Su composed has a crush on Ung, she’s attempting her handiest to conceal her emotions from every person around her. The controversy over NJ and Ung’s relationship every other has broken out, and the final day of the documentary shoot has additionally arrived. Will NJ and Ji Ung confess their emotions to their luxuriate in pursuits? Or will Yeon Su at final confess her emotions to Ung? Let’s uncover the fate of these fans.

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Ung Flee Away From The Shoot

It’s miles the final day of the shoot for the documentary, and Ung has disappeared, again, with none value. Chae Ran loses her mood and begins giving an earful to Eun Ho and Ji Ung, blaming their friendship for Ung’s irresponsibility. The season of fall has begun, and it is that day of the 365 days when Ung’s folks breeze to the nation-boom. Ung additionally goes faraway from home on that day with out telling somebody. Yeon Su is the one one who’s conscious of this and remembers it. She begins procuring for Ung with Eun Ho. Nonetheless, Ji Ung thinks that it is his fault that Ung has disappeared. Ung had learned Ji Ung’s emotions in direction of Yeon Su and had tried to confront Ji Ung. Ji Ung thinks that he ran away to lead sure of the awkward area. What’s Ung’s secret, and where has he flee off to?

Ung Confesses To Yeon-su

Ung is correct wandering with none destination, and he unintentionally meets Yeon Su’s grandmother. Despite colorful how mighty she hates him, Ung is form ample to lend a hand her lift her groceries home. She remembers Yeon Su telling her that she had broken Ung’s coronary heart when, the full while, she believed that it was Ung who did that to Yeon Su. She tries to lift to Ung that Yeon Su was by no formulation a snide particular person, nonetheless lifestyles made her that formulation, and he or she had to behave the formulation she did because she was helpless on the 2nd. To this, Ung replies that he by no formulation opinion Yeon Su was a snide particular person, nonetheless as an replace, he by no formulation deserved her in his lifestyles.

Yeon Su finds Ung sitting on my own in a cafe, restful and with a sadness that’s visible on his face. Yeon Su is relieved to search out him as she is going to at final affirm her emotions in direction of him. She begins telling Ung how she will be able to now now not be chums with him, nonetheless Ung interrupts her and confesses his luxuriate in for her. A luxuriate in that he by no formulation forgot and a luxuriate in that wound him the most. Even supposing it has been painful the full while, he wants Yeon Su to love him again and eternally. This heartfelt and valid confession brings tears to Yeon Su’s eyes, and he or she guarantees Ung to repeatedly luxuriate in him.

‘Our Loved Summer season’ Episode 12: Ending

Ung finds to Yeon Su his deepest secret and the reason for his disappearance on this explicit day. When Ung was youthful, his staunch father had abandoned him, after which he was adopted by his most contemporary folks. Someday, he saw his folks crying while a image, and he didn’t perceive why they cried or went to the nation-boom every 365 days until he grew a small broken-down. It was a image of their son, who had doubtlessly died. His folks are unaware that Ung is conscious of this.

Ung’s staunch father had told him to search on the structures and count their floor while he disappeared. Ung cried and hunted for his father for hours, being apprehensive. This has left a huge scar on him, and right here’s where his dread of abandonment comes from. Ung likes being on my own, and he was devastated after Yeon Su broke up with him. It shows that if there is anything else he fears, it is being left on the aid of by the of us he loves. His luxuriate in of drawing only structures and no of us in them is evidence of a deeply rooted scar of now now not discovering his father amongst the structures. Per chance, throughout the drawings of structures with floor, Ung is composed procuring for his lacking father, with a hope to search out him in the end that can lift closure to his search.

Yeon Su and Ung each and every have a annoying past, a void that has expanded and been contaminated with loneliness. Handiest luxuriate in can ease their distress and affords them the comfort that their childhood did now not fabricate. But now, when they are aid collectively, with any luck, they’ll be able to include every other’s voids and lift happiness into every other’s lives. It will be engaging to search how they lift their romance forward and the device Ung gets over his trauma in the upcoming episodes. Stop tuned to search out out.

Our Loved Summer season‘ Episode 11 & 12 is streaming on Netflix.

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