‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 13 & 14: Recap/Ending – Why Is Ung Trying To Change?


Beforehand, in Our Cherished Summer season, Ung and Yeon Su in the wreck confessed their right emotions for every other. They accept as true with got started dating, and their treasure is ravishing. Dating every other after five years is each the identical and varied for them. Yeon Su composed nags him plenty, and Ung is composed the dense person. However this time, they are keeping of every other and strive their most efficient to connect this relationship, not lose it all again.

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Why Is Yeon-su Acting Ordinary?

Getting lend a hand together has brought a definite alternate in each Ung and Yeon Su. They entirely had emotions for every other for all these years, and despite the truth that they broke up five years previously, it wasn’t on story of they grew out of treasure. Yeon Su is amazingly self sustaining and fearless as a profession girl; hence, her contrivance of behaving is extremely expert. When she realizes that she is appearing very formally in a romantic relationship, she asks her colleague for some dating advice. Moreover, she browses the web to learn a part or two a pair of success relationships.

As per her colleague’s instructions, Yeon Su begins to alternate her look and habits. She is dressing up differently, nagging Ung much less, constantly has a smile on her face, and is attempting out varied things that she hasn’t carried out earlier than. Ung is a great deal surprised in the muse, nonetheless later begins to gather it very unlike Yeon Su. Yeon Su used to be the position off of their breakup, and this time, she is making an effort to fabricate things ethical. They know plenty about every other, nonetheless she doesn’t deserve to have interaction it as a right anymore. However will Ung perceive the alternate in Yeon Su’s habits and appreciate her efforts?

Will Soli And Eun Ho Settle for Their Feelings?

Soli and Eun Ho met every other by means of Ung and Yeon Su, and now they’ve become with out a doubt right guests. Eun Ho on the total visits Soli’s restaurant to dangle around with her and again her. What started as a large gamble stumble upon with Eun Ho has in the wreck realized a which methodology. He has started rising emotions for Soli nonetheless is composed doubtful about it. Furthermore, he’s sorrowful by Soli’s fixed reminder that she is just not into guys younger than her. Soli is free-engaging and has dated many guys, nonetheless never somebody younger than her. Eun Ho would not fit into her frame of qualified partner.

Soli sees a definite aspect of Eun Ho when her ex-boyfriend comes lend a hand. She used to be already wide awake of Eun Ho appearing strangely round her, nonetheless she didn’t deserve to acknowledge it due to her derive tips. Eun Ho gets jealous and possessive round her ex-boyfriend, and he or she is impressed by Eun Ho, who’s attempting to guard her from her ex. That is the first time she looks enjoy she may perchance with out a doubt keep in thoughts having a younger boyfriend. This raises the demand of whether or not they’re going to pass forward on this relationship or factual preserve guests.

‘Our Cherished Summer season’ Episode 14: Ending

When Ung confronts Yeon Su about her abnormal habits, Yeon Su tells him the reality. She is attempting to become a better person for him, nonetheless Ung tells her that she couldn’t be any better for him and is already qualified for him. He asks her to pause appearing weird and factual be herself, minus somewhat nagging. Nonetheless, he’s composed ready for an acknowledge from Yeon Su to a requirement that he requested five years previously. He wished to take dangle of why Yeon Su chose to interrupt up with him. When he meets Yeon Su’s grandma on my own, she tells him referring to the onerous existence Yeon Su had, ethical from her childhood. She takes a promise from him to never shuffle away Yeon Su on my own. Yeon Su would not accept as true with any family rather than her grandmother.

After hearing about Yeon Su’s hardships, Ung realizes how inconsiderate he had been. Yeon Su never suggested him referring to the total struggles she used to be going by means of whereas they were composed dating. They were each younger and immature lend a hand then, nonetheless now, alongside with Yeon Su, Ung also decides to keep effort into the relationship. Ung desires to become a responsible person in sing that Yeon Su can depend upon him. He even asks Yeon Su to constantly uncover him what she desires and admits that he’s rather late at knowing such things. Nonetheless, Yeon Su is composed unable to part her confusion and why she broke up with him with Ung. She believes that Ung will not perceive her and composed has her doubts referring to the identical.

Admire can most incessantly alternate other folks for the simpler, and what more or much less treasure is more healthy than the individual that makes us a better person? In the final episodes, we can demand to gaze a outmoded and responsible Ung and, optimistically, Yeon Su opening up and letting out all her hidden danger.

‘Our Cherished Summer season’ Episode 13 & 14 are streaming on Netflix.

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