‘Our Beloved Summer’ Season 1: Characters Explained


“Our Most unusual Summer season” gave us a narrative of two high college fanatics’ reunion and reconciliation after 5 years of their breakup. Choi Ung and Kook Yeon Su meet but again, first for a work mission and later, to shoot a documentary about them. They had first shot a documentary in high college, which grew to change into the assign to begin of their relationship. The documentary but again turns into a motive of them to procure aid together. Nevertheless, it wasn’t as ravishing and bubbly as in high college. They had to grow as other folks to overcome fresh obstacles and perceive every assorted. The sequence is bigger than a like narrative and portrays the self-growth of no longer most efficient Ung and Yeon Su nonetheless also their chums.

Choi Ung – The Introvert

Ung is the most realistic probably minute one and his other folks have more than one restaurants and like their son so considerable that they name every restaurant after him. Ung has constantly been a mute minute one with barely any chums till he meets Kim Ji Ung. He had no hobby in lecturers nonetheless enjoyed finding out books and sketching. His dream became to stay a peaceable existence with none hustle, so he never pursued any career. He has accomplished his dream, nonetheless he is secretly an artist below the pseudonym Ko-o. Ung constantly beloved sketching, nonetheless he adopted it passionately to cope alongside with his breakup with Yeon Su.

Ung’s art grew to change into the motive of him to meet Yeon Su but again. Ung had bittersweet emotions in direction of Yeon Su, nonetheless he aloof labored with her, which published his exact identity to the overall public. His peaceable and clean existence became shaken by being in the overall public look. He stayed low till now because he feared failure. He became apprehensive that he would disappoint his adoptive other folks. Ung, who acted like a minute one, learned more about himself whereas making the documentary. He sooner or later came around and well-liked that he aloof had emotions for Yeon Su. He made up our minds to proceed in the aid of his underconfident self and boldly chose to practice a dream he had in high college.

Though he became slack in working out one’s mood, Ung cared about his family members. His most realistic probably excellent friend, Ji Ung, became like family to him. As he had minute to no social existence, Ung appeared awkward and unapproachable to other folks, nonetheless he aloof made it into the overall public look. He became no longer excellent, nonetheless he became beloved as a particular person by his family and chums and as an artist by his followers. Ung’s growth reveals us that the arena is in the palm of your hands if you step out of your comfort zone.

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Kook Yeon Su – Unapologetically Mettlesome

Kook Yeon Su became at the tip of her class, nonetheless she had no chums. For her, friendship became a luxurious she couldn’t possess the funds for. It required time, attention, and money, all of which had been precious to Yeon Su. She grew up without other folks, residing with her grandmother most efficient. Every of them struggled financially ensuing from the debt that Yeon Su’s other folks left in the aid of. Yeon Su had to work more than one fragment-time jobs whereas aloof finding out to be at the tip of her class. She even agreed to retain out the documentary because she got paid to retain out it. Her most efficient aim became to produce lots of money and pay off the debt.

She had broken up with Ung ensuing from her insecurity. As time handed, she realized that Ung and her lifestyle differed loads. Ung became wealthy and had no ambitions. She thought that Ung would no longer like her ensuing from her monetary sigh and her desperate must produce a residing as they grew up. She constantly deemed herself no longer obedient of all the pieces she had. Ung became the most realistic probably happiness in her existence, and he or she felt guilty about it. How could presumably well her melancholy existence possess like in it? Nevertheless, after getting aid together, she tried her most realistic probably to like their relationship and produce it work.

She had been residing her existence as if she didn’t possess a different, nonetheless one decision changed her outlook on existence eternally. When Ung requested her to accompany him to France, at the identical time, she got a job provide from France, nonetheless she chose to conclude aid in Korea. She had labored laborious since she became in high college, and now, she most efficient wished to stay a existence and revel in a existence that she had chosen. She became now no longer disquieted about who she became or how her existence became; she became gratified.

We’re customarily disquieted about one component or another about ourselves, be it looks, social location, monetary location, clothing vogue, and whatnot. As an alternative of being pitiful, we desires to be if truth be told ourselves. Of us who like us truly will constantly be by our aspect, appropriate like Yeon. Su had her have puny circle of family and chums. It became puny, nonetheless it completely became aloof there. She didn’t possess to strive to suit herself in; they well-liked her as she became.

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Kim Ji Ung – The Workaholic

Kim Ji Ung is a TV producer and basically produces documentaries. He’s a sophisticated particular person to work with, and his colleagues customarily conclude away from doing projects with him. Ji Ung is devoted and disciplined in direction of his occupation, nonetheless is closed-off in nature. If ever, he has most efficient spread out to Ung, his long-time excellent friend. This behavior is rooted in his mother’s unavailability to him whereas growing up. His mother left dwelling early and came dwelling slack. He barely ate homemade food from his mother and constantly had packed food for his lunch and dinner. He carried that habit into his maturity as neatly, the assign he most unusual packed food over freshly cooked.

When he grew to change into chums with Ung, he found any individual to lollygag around with, so his residence grew to change into much less lonely, and he even got to spend homemade food cooked by Ung’s mother. Nevertheless, Ung became largely mute and immature, nonetheless Ji Ung had to aged at a young age. He didn’t possess a family member whom he could presumably well rely on, bodily or emotionally. This made him emotionally unavailable to others as neatly. He had a crush on Yeon Su in high college nonetheless could presumably well never repeat her and later felt guilty for liking his excellent friend’s female friend. Working became his getaway. He loved watching other folks from in the aid of the digital camera and no longer getting emotionally fascinated with their non-public lives.

Ji Ung never confessed to Yeon Su and lastly got over his unrequited like of many years. He also left apart the hatred and repentance in direction of his mother and made a documentary on her. Lifestyles does no longer give us all the pieces we need, nonetheless it completely offers us all the pieces we deserve, at the applicable time. Ji Ung’s deepest sorrow became for his mother, and taking pictures her documentary gave him an different for closure forward of she left this world eternally.

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NJ – Unintentionally Controversial Film neatly-known particular person

NJ is an idol singer who began her career at a young age. She has accomplished reputation, money, and neatly-known particular person location, nonetheless she is incessantly criticized on the gain for all the pieces she does. She constantly had a busy work schedule, nonetheless she became getting drained of it. No topic what she did, there became constantly some controversy created around her, which made her existence very careful. She constantly tried to expose her appropriate aspect, nonetheless it completely became constantly interpreted as inserting on a present. She found some roughly solace in Ung’s sketches and equipped them. This began their friendship, and NJ ended up having a crush on Ung. NJ became a unusual neatly-known particular person and had many followers. She dated loads, and men would elevate out anything to ticket her, nonetheless Ung became no longer drawn to her.

NJ aloof pursued Ung because she found her procure away in talking to him. She became adamant about most efficient dating boys and no longer befriending them. Being a neatly-known particular person from a young age, she never made any gorgeous chums and became constantly impressed to stay like a neatly-known particular person. With reputation came hatred and criticism, and all she wanted became a chum to verify with, nonetheless she never knew that. Ung became kind and constantly equipped her excellent firm and advice. NJ realized that her belief of residing like a neatly-known particular person became maintaining her aid from residing like a human, exploring emotions and various relationships. She lets recede of attempting to ticket other folks, inserting forward a image, and constantly exhibiting her appropriate aspect on the digital camera. She grew to change into daring and confirmed her sassy and savage sides in public to determine out down her haters and critics.

She also changes her suggestions and accepts Ung as her excellent friend, her very first excellent friend. She broke the boundaries that she had location for herself. Being fearlessly herself introduced her out of her existence of misery. In case you retain on to the fire inside you, most efficient you’ll want to presumably burn.

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“Our Most unusual Summer season,” tells a epic of the transformation of different folks with assorted existence backgrounds, nonetheless in a adorable and vigorous attain. The characters and their particular person tales are in step with inclined human emotions like like, belief, and empathy.

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