‘Our Beloved Summer’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Does Ung & Yeon-su Get Married?


‘Our Loved Summer season’ follows excessive college lovers, Ung and Yeon Su, who by chance dreadful paths all over again after 5 years of their breakup. As smartly as, Ung is now a eminent artist who makes utilize of the pseudonym “Ko-o,” and Yeon Su has change into a winning PR professional in a immediate span of time. As their excessive college documentary goes viral, they agree with to reach upon every other all over again for a sequel. The 2 estranged lovers reunite after a in point of fact lengthy time to search out peace, confidence, and reason in their lives.

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‘Our Loved Summer season’ Season 1: Episode 15 &16 Recap

Ung is making ready for his dream exhibition and is fervent in it. Yeon Su has change into more sociable and her colleagues are stunned by it. She has saved her inner most lifestyles very non-public till now, however she invites her colleagues to her boyfriend’s exhibition this time. She is in point of fact ecstatic and is not holding it encourage. Ung’s exhibition is doing smartly, and Ung is willing to present a shock to Yeon Su after the exhibition ends. Kim Ji Ung, Ung’s easiest pal, would not search recommendation from his exhibition. He has not left his place of work for days and immersed himself in work because he would not must plug dwelling. The reason being that his mom has returned and asked him for a desire, which he’s unwilling to present.

Ung waits for Yeon Su till wearisome at night time on the gallery, however Yeon Su would not ticket up. Yeon Su’s grandma is hospitalized, and he or she is simply too jumpy to advise Ung. After realizing that she has left Ung waiting, she feels responsible and gets skittish that she might maybe well well need tousled their relationship all over again. Ung finds Yeon Su crying out of doors his house and hurries her dwelling. He breaks her the records he has been waiting to expose her. He’ll France for architectural compare and desires Yeon Su to accompany him. Yeon Su has horny gone throughout the frightening experience of nearly shedding her grandmother, and now she has to dangle from going with Ung or staying in a lengthy-distance relationship. What is going to Yeon Su dangle?

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Why Kim Ji Ung Hates His Mom?

Ji Ung’s mom became consistently emotionally and physically unavailable for him since his childhood. When he became in excessive college, she left him to are residing alone and visited him regularly as a formality. Each time she visits him, Ji Ung would not plug dwelling and works beyond regular time in the place of work. He practically lives in his place of work or at Ung’s arena till his mom leaves all over again. For him, his mother is a heartless and selfish person that thinks Ji Ung has ruined her lifestyles. 

Family became something Ji Ung never seemed to agree with, however everybody else did. Even supposing his mom came and left customarily, it ruin him each time she did. This time, she surprises him with a search recommendation from and finds to him her terminal sickness. The doctor has told her about her restricted time, and he or she wants Ji Ung to movie her because she desires to head away gradual something from her meaningless lifestyles. Ji Ung is infuriated by her absurd place a query to of and is in a quandary as to whether he ought to satisfy his demise mother’s closing wish or plug away her on her possess.

‘Our Loved Summer season’ Season 1: Ending Explained 

Ung and Yeon Su agree with been each and each loners, however Ung became privileged and Yeon Su wasn’t. Ung is potentially the most spirited tiny one in every of his fogeys, who possess more than one restaurants, whereas Yeon Su doesn’t agree with fogeys and lives with her grandma. Her fogeys had left a lot of debt gradual, and Yeon Su had to work laborious to pay them off whereas silent having a great lifestyles. Ung became never obsessed on the relaxation and horny mandatory to are residing peacefully, doing nothing. In the beginning, he looks savor a disagreeable tiny one, however later it’s printed that it became his fear of failure and disappointment that consistently held him encourage.

Though they’d broken up, their hearts consistently belonged to every other, and they also never dated anybody else in the 5 years they agree with been apart. After assembly every other all over again, they sign the errors they made and rating encourage together to be a bigger couple than sooner than. Yeon Su faces her insecurity and tells Ung to head to Paris without her. She finds that she became potentially the most spirited one who made herself feel sad, and he or she doesn’t must retain encourage Ung from reaching his dreams. Ung agrees with her and furthermore speaks about his fears with his fogeys. He’s reassured that his fogeys love him the entire identical, even if he’s their adoptive son, and he doesn’t must burden himself with that. Each Ung and Yeon Su face their fears and birth residing lifestyles happier and braver than sooner than.

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On the alternative hand, Kim Ji Ung takes his senior’s recommendation and agrees to movie his mom, potentially the most painful share of his lifestyles, which gives him the first and closing likelihood to rating closure on all the pieces from his mother. Valid savor the three of them, NJ furthermore decides to alter into a fearless person and would not are attempting to please everybody round her, despite the controversies. That summer, one documentary grew to alter into the explanation for altering the lives of so many of us. That summer became corpulent of fun, joy, worries, and cries, however in the stay, their loved summer made them a bigger model of themselves.

The epilogue sequence suggests that Ung and Yeon Su rating married in the stay and their documentary goes viral all over again. Kim Ji Ung comes encourage with a proposal for the third installment of the documentary on public place a query to of.  The gentle and warmth vibes of this series left of us feeling nostalgic about their possess lives. It might maybe well well be vast to agree with a subsequent season showing their lifestyles after marriage.

‘Our Loved Summer season’ is a 2021 South Korean Romantic Drama Series directed by Kim Yoon-Jin. Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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