‘Our Beloved Summer’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Does Ung & Yeon-su Get Married?


‘Our Preferred Summer season’ follows excessive college lovers, Ung and Yeon Su, who by chance spoiled paths as soon as more after five years of their breakup. To boot to, Ung is now a infamous artist who makes utilize of the pseudonym “Ko-o,” and Yeon Su has develop precise into a a success PR educated in a transient span of time. As their excessive college documentary goes viral, they deserve to near at some stage in every other as soon as more for a sequel. The 2 estranged lovers reunite after a truly long time to search out peace, self perception, and motive in their lives.

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‘Our Preferred Summer season’ Season 1: Episode 15 &16 Recap

Ung is preparing for his dream exhibition and is pleased about it. Yeon Su has changed into more sociable and her colleagues are stunned by it. She has saved her personal life very personal except now, however she invitations her colleagues to her boyfriend’s exhibition this time. She is genuinely cushty and is now not holding it attend. Ung’s exhibition is doing effectively, and Ung is able to give a shock to Yeon Su after the exhibition ends. Kim Ji Ung, Ung’s finest honest correct friend, would now not seek the advice of with his exhibition. He has now not left his place of job for days and immersed himself in work because he would now not deserve to accelerate house. The motive being that his mother has returned and asked him for a settle on, which he is unwilling to contain.

Ung waits for Yeon Su except slow at night on the gallery, however Yeon Su would now not level to up. Yeon Su’s grandma is hospitalized, and he or she is simply too worried to say Ung. After realizing that she has left Ung ready, she feels responsible and gets disturbed that she would possibly maybe maybe maybe per chance contain tousled their relationship as soon as more. Ung finds Yeon Su crying initiate air his condo and hurries her house. He breaks her the records he has been ready to uncover her. He goes to France for architectural examine and desires Yeon Su to accompany him. Yeon Su has gorgeous long past thru the provoking ride of nearly dropping her grandmother, and now she has to lift from going with Ung or staying in a long-distance relationship. What is going to Yeon Su lift?

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Why Kim Ji Ung Hates His Mother?

Ji Ung’s mother used to be repeatedly emotionally and physically unavailable for him since his childhood. When he used to be in excessive college, she left him to live on my own and visited him customarily as a formality. Every time she visits him, Ji Ung would now not accelerate house and works time past regulation within the place of job. He nearly lives in his place of job or at Ung’s residing except his mother leaves as soon as more. For him, his mother is a heartless and selfish one that thinks Ji Ung has ruined her life. 

Family used to be one thing Ji Ung by no map seemed to contain, however everybody else did. Despite the proven truth that his mother came and left infrequently, it damage him every time she did. This time, she surprises him with a seek the advice of with and finds to him her terminal illness. The doctor has suggested her about her diminutive time, and he or she desires Ji Ung to film her because she desires to accelerate away on the attend of one thing from her meaningless life. Ji Ung is infuriated by her absurd do a query to and is in a predicament as as to whether or now not he should always fulfill his dying mother’s perfect need or accelerate away her on her own.

‘Our Preferred Summer season’ Season 1: Ending Explained 

Ung and Yeon Su were each and every loners, however Ung used to be privileged and Yeon Su wasn’t. Ung is the apt child of his folks, who own more than one restaurants, whereas Yeon Su doesn’t contain folks and lives alongside with her grandma. Her folks had left plenty of debt on the attend of, and Yeon Su had to work now not easy to pay them off whereas soundless having a merely life. Ung used to be by no map hooked in to the rest and gorgeous mandatory to live peacefully, doing nothing. Initially, he appears love a corrupt child, however later it’s printed that it used to be his grief of failure and disappointment that repeatedly held him attend.

Though they had broken up, their hearts repeatedly belonged to one yet another, and they by no map dated somebody else within the 5 years they were apart. After assembly every other as soon as more, they realize the mistakes they made and procure attend together to be a better couple than before. Yeon Su faces her insecurity and tells Ung to accelerate to Paris without her. She finds that she used to be the apt one who made herself feel unhappy, and he or she doesn’t deserve to retain attend Ung from reaching his dreams. Ung is of the same opinion alongside with her and moreover speaks about his fears with his folks. He’s reassured that his folks love him the total same, although he is their adoptive son, and he doesn’t deserve to burden himself with that. Each Ung and Yeon Su face their fears and initiate up residing life happier and braver than before.

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Alternatively, Kim Ji Ung takes his senior’s advice and is of the same opinion to film his mother, the most painful half of his life, which supplies him the main and supreme probability to procure closure on all the pieces from his mother. Factual love the three of them, NJ moreover decides to develop precise into a courageous person and would now not are trying to thrill everybody around her, despite the controversies. That summer season, one documentary grew to changed into the motive for altering the lives of so many folks. That summer season used to be stout of relaxing, pleasure, worries, and cries, however within the pause, their beloved summer season made them a better version of themselves.

The epilogue sequence means that Ung and Yeon Su procure married within the pause and their documentary goes viral as soon as more. Kim Ji Ung comes attend with a proposal for the third installment of the documentary on public do a query to.  The comfortable and warm vibes of this sequence left folks feeling nostalgic about their own lives. It would possibly maybe per chance most likely maybe be edifying to contain a next season showing their life after marriage.

‘Our Preferred Summer season’ is a 2021 South Korean Romantic Drama Collection directed by Kim Yoon-Jin. Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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