‘Our Beloved Summer time’ Episode 7 & 8: Recap/Ending – Why Did Ung & Yeon Su Bustle Away?


Within the outdated episodes of Our Beloved Summer time, Ung and Yeon Su had began filming the documentary, which, primarily based on Ji Ung, became as soon as going nowhere. They successfully executed the are residing drawing challenge, and Ung grew to become neatly-known after NJ visited his reward uninvited. The identical evening, Ung talks to Yeon Su, getting all emotional, but Yeon Su is underneath the influence of alcohol. Now, Ung handiest wishes that she didn’t be aware anything else. What happens the following day? Let’s uncover.

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Yeon Su & Ung Bustle Away From The Shoot

Ung’s supervisor, Eun Ho, is retaining a congratulatory occasion for Ung’s public debut and a a success match. He has invited Yeon Su and her pal So Ri as neatly. Ung sneaks out of the dwelling while Eun Ho is peaceable talking to him. Kim Ji Ung is already shedding hope for the documentary, and to his fear, he discovers that no longer handiest Ung, but additionally Yeon Su, trust vanished without a trace. Though it is bizarre of Ung to behave fancy this, each person appears to be like to be shocked by Yeon Su’s behaviour. The place trust they dawdle off to? Are they collectively or no longer? And why trust they dawdle away?

What Is Kim Ji Ung’s Strategy?

Hopeless Kim Ji Ung is cheered up by his senior colleague, who appreciates the “By no map Give Up” attitude that he has confirmed earlier than. Ji Ung objects out to search out and bring help both of them from wherever they’re. Yeon Su and Ung don’t actually trust friends and pause up going to the an analogous library. Ung affords to trust a talk and takes Yeon Su to his parents’ restaurant. Their conversation would not meander neatly, and they pause up parting ways again.

Ji Ung’s senior tells him how she works with the refined solid, and Ji Ung applies the an connected to Ung and Yeon Su. He finds Yeon Su and drops her off at home. Ung comes home by himself on the tip of the day. The following day, Ji Ung picks Yeon Su from home early within the morning when she’s peaceable half asleep. Ung is no longer the one to head any place without questioning, so Eun Ho and Chae Ran coast him interior the van when he’s watering vegetation. Ji Ung takes them to a resort in a village to invent the documentary more attention-grabbing. The handiest technique to cease of us from working away is to confine them.

Our Beloved Summer time Episode 7 & 8: Ending

There is a neatly-known saying that attack is the handiest protection, but for Ung, the handiest protection is working away. Working away is the handiest technique to retain away from agonize for yourself and others as neatly. Furthermore, it offers of us an opportunity to contemplate in place of react rapid. After speaking emotionally with Yeon Su the outdated evening, Ung didn’t need to be awkward with Yeon Su on the occasion, so he ran away. Yeon Su became as soon as additionally embarrassed and ran away because she didn’t need to face Ung without clearing her thoughts first.

Fending off every a range of is no longer any longer a different for them as they’re staying collectively for the following three days. This rapid trek brings them closer to every a range of’s realities. Ung unearths to Yeon Su how he felt fancy a pushover while being in a relationship alongside with her, the proven truth that she became as soon as by no map responsive to. They trust got loads to refer to with particular up their misunderstandings, but they can handiest attain that if they can deal with the awkwardness. Yeon Su is getting jealous of NJ being terminate to Ung, and Ung is anxious about Ji Ung and Yeon Su getting closer.

Both attain no longer acknowledge their very possess feelings and pretend that they don’t exist, but their emotions are let out on this refined map of searching for every a range of and being jealous. When Yeon Su is stuck on a hill alone within the rain, Ung goes to her rescue, and they share a kiss within the rain, proper fancy they had shared their first kiss within the rain on the last day of their excessive college documentary shoot. What’s going to be their response to this impulsive kiss? Will this be every other awkward mistake that they are going to pretend by no map came about? In Episode 9, we are going to uncover if they in the end talked it out or no longer.

Our Beloved Summer time‘ Episode 7 & 8 are streaming on Netflix.

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