Ovia took a class on culture .. Didn’t you know all this when you hit the lip lock?

It was the Big Boss show aired on Vijay TV that made actress Ovia, who was somewhat popular after starring in a few films in Tamil including Kalavani, become popular overnight. All the fans who attended the first season of the show were very fond of him.

That’s because of his realistic actions and childish talk. Ovia, who has become a favorite actress of Tamil fans through it, is now going viral no matter what she does or says. While a few things he talks about are getting praise, some controversial comments are also getting reactions.

Ovia, who speaks such controversial things, pours dirt on his own head. Such a thing has just happened. Talking about Tamil culture, Ovia said that if you want to solve a problem, you have to talk openly about all the good and bad in it and only then will it be solved.

We should not hide anything in the name of culture. He has said that there is nothing wrong with speaking openly. And parents need to nurture their male children by telling them how to look at women and how to behave.

Children will not be involved in any crime in the future if we are taught and nurtured from an early age. So he is speaking very boldly that it is in the hands of parents to create a good generation.

Crimes against women are on the rise not only in Tamil Nadu but in many other places as well. His fans have been praising Ovia for speaking out boldly about it. Netizens who saw this, however, said that you should first act in a way that preserves the culture. Then they are roasting to preach to the town.

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