Pakkiyalakshmi serial actress bought a new car .. How can you not even roll it.!

Rithika made her re-entry with the Raja Rani serial aired on Vijay TV. After that the clown Bala-Rithika combo became hugely popular with fans whether his cooking was talked about or not through the Cook With Clown show.

Vijay has also appeared in all the TV shows. She is currently playing the lead role of Amrita opposite Bhagya’s second beloved son Ehil in the serial Bhagyalakshmi.

In it, Amrita plays the role of a widow who is already married and has lost her husband, holding a baby girl in the arms of her father-in-law.

The car was all a dream for Rithika, who is in a normal state of looking after her family by starring in serials on the iconic screen. But now Rithika has bought a new Hyundai car.

Rithika has posted a photo of herself happily posing with her mentally retarded brother with the new car on her Instagram page.

Currently this photo is going viral on social websites. And her fans have been expressing their appreciation and congratulations to Rithika through social media.

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