Pakkiyalakshmi serial celebrities involved in the accident, shocking photos released- here

Pakkiyalakshmi is at the top of Vijay TV’s list of top serials.

Initially not well received by the people, this series of days has started to be liked by the people as it carries a realistic story to go.

The series, which begins with the epithet of the story of a family head, shows the problems that women face at home on a daily basis.

Celebrities involved in the crash

Actress Shakila has adopted a transgender daughter and her name is Mila. He and 3 other celebrities like Pakiyalakshmi serial celebrities Divya and Meena have become good friends.

There will always be 3 people taking photos taken on Instagram.

They had recently gone in a car for a shoot in the bubble, when unexpectedly the car behind their car on the Trichy side lost control and crashed.

Of these, only Mila has a back injury and the other two have nothing.

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