Lily James and Sebastian Stan took audiences by storm previously this year with their incredible improvements in Hulus struck miniseries Pam & Tommy. The duo was entrusted with bringing to life the epic characters of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee throughout their turbulent relationship in the 1990s, with a story that was torn directly from the headings. Collider is thrilled to share an unique appearance behind the scenes of the series, with a brand-new featurette proving how the innovative group crafted the Pam and Tommy improvements for the actors.

Based upon the real story of how Rand (Seth Rogen), an unhappy specialist, chose to get vengeance on Mötley Crües drummer Tommy Lee by taking an intimate VHS tape of the couple, Pam & Tommy nos in on the phenomenon of their relationship, painting its audience as the bad guy for its voyeuristic star fixation and how Pamela Anderson was dealt with in the wake of the tape being shared without her permission. Anderson had goals beyond her status as a sex object, however the sexism and misogyny that originated from the intrusion of personal privacy restricted her profession. The series does an excellent task shining a spotlight on the scenario, with the regard Anderson should have after all of these years. There is a great deal of Emmy buzz for the miniseries, both for its stars and for the amazing production that completely immersed itself in the grungy and extravagant visual appeals of the 90s. If this behind-the-scenes is any indicator, the innovative group devoted themselves to do their best to bring this extremely advertised story to the screen.


In the featurette, Lily James applauds the hair, makeup, and outfit departments for their dedication to reproducing the 1990s, and reveals that she usually invested in between 3 and 4 hours in the makeup chair to accomplish the Pamela Anderson appearance. David Williams, the Makeup Department Head, likewise information the prosthetics that James used to alter the appearance of her breasts, forehead, and even teeth. Stan likewise invested a great deal of time in the makeup chair, with Williams exposing they needed to use over thirty-five tattoos to his body daily to match Lees iconic body art.

Rogens mullet-headed improvement is likewise included in the video, with Outfit Designer Kameron Lennox exposing that they deliberately desired him to appear like somebody who simply purchases clothing and uses them without much idea behind his choices. Rogen likewise confesses that he hasnt used lots of wigs throughout his profession, however he confesses that this specific wig was a “great one.”

Writer, co-showrunner, and executive manufacturer D.C. DeVincentis makes a look in the featurette to go over the task. The eight-episode miniseries was composed and produced by Robert Siegel. The series likewise stars Nick Offerman Taylor Schilling, Andrew Dice Clay, Pepi Sonuga, Spencer Granese, Mozhan Marnò, and Jason Mantzoukas as the voice of, uh, “Little Tommy.”

Watch the unique behind-the-scenes featurette listed below and be prepared to get blown away by the improvement: