Pandian Store who took up the big issue .. Director who targeted the younger generations!

The family of Pandian Stores is undergoing artificial insemination treatment for the umbilical cord as they are unable to see the difficulty of going up and down the temple to solve the problem of childlessness in Vijay TV’s Pandian Stores series.

Since this will cost Rs 5 lakh, that amount will be huge for the Pandian Stores family. However, Murthy Barbora did not try to magnify the money by thinking that the only important thing was to borrow everything at exorbitant interest and give birth to a child.

Radiation watching like a child without letting the urchin do any work to be very careful after undergoing this treatment has attracted a lot of screen fans.

Because Kadir is looking after all the work like carrying the umbilical cord in his hand without even walking to the bathroom, feeding the umbilical cord, taking the pill and letting it eat, and combing his hair.

The Pandian Stores family, which has been paying close attention to this, is proud to think of Kadiri. But Meena is the only one who complains that she has not been able to do everything like this.

So the director of Pandian Stores has shown that infertility is the biggest problem nowadays and that showing it in serials is also a solution to this problem.

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