Pandian Stores for family expenses .. Lamenting Ray, Mulla

The next issue for Vijay TV’s Pandian Stores family is coming up and the four siblings are struggling every day to fix it.

In that sense, infertility in Mullaitivu, next to the Pandian Stores family, which has been dealing with the recent monopoly of department stores, has caused great distress.

Thus, the beggar raised Rs. 5 lakhs and decided to perform artificial insemination on the umbilical cord and started the treatment. So the doctor who examined the umbilical cord went back to the hospital to see if the treatment would be positive for the umbilical cord and said that the chances of getting pregnant were high.

The doctor said that Mulla had crossed the halfway mark in this treatment as only a few people had seen this possibility for the first time.

Her family, including Kadir, was overjoyed when she was told that she would definitely get pregnant if she was tested again two weeks later. But this time it cost 15 thousand rupees for a pill.

Kadir laments aside how the family will cope with this cost. However, the family is spending the money only on the treatment of the umbilical cord as the umbilical cord is successful and the baby is born.

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