Pandian Stores holding daughter-in-law .. The biggest problem of this generation

The Pandian Store family could not watch the ups and downs of the Mullai Koil temple to fix the childlessness problem in Vijay TV’s Pandian Stores series.

Although they have no money for this, they have borrowed Rs. 5 lakhs from outside and are currently undergoing artificial insemination treatment for umbilical cord.

So in order for the umbilical cord to mature after that treatment, he radiates everything from the meal to her hand in the place where she will not let him do any work.

In addition, radiating the umbilical cord like a child keeps those at home in awe. Because Kadir lifts the umbilical cord without even letting him walk to the bathroom.

Thus, the family of Pandian Stores, who spent Rs. However this treatment will give success to a few people for the first time.

Otherwise the Pandian Stores family will not be able to spend Rs 5 lakh every time they do the same treatment next time. Therefore, the Pandian Store family, including the fans, wants the baby to stay in Mulla for the first time.

Current generations approach medicine to have a baby and wait 3, 4 years to get it, which is great cruelty. The main reason for this is that the serial scenes are set in such a way that the eating habits make sense of it.

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