Parthiban threatened to shut up .. Next Guinness and Oscar in my hand

Parthiban is a versatile actor and director. He can see everything from a different angle. In this case, the similar shoe film released by him in motion was appreciated by many. Parthiban has been preparing a Guinness World Record film for two years.

That is, Parthiban has taken the picture of the shadow of the night in a single shot. The film is composed by AR Raghuvan. The motion poster of the film was released and shocked everyone. The poster was like having a gun in the hand of a Bhadra Kali and screaming Parthiban to kneel under it.

In this case, a few days ago, Parthiban showed the shadow picture of the night to his friends as a special show. But everyone who has seen it says it certainly could not have been taken in a single shot.

And many criticized Parthiban for saying that he had taken something like this by Golmal Panni. Similarly, there are 6 songs in the film. Thus how can this be taken in a single scene is definitely said to be impossible.

Guinness World Records researchers also say it could not have been taken in a single shot. After that Parthiban had no choice but to put up a making video of the film. Everyone is shocked to see that.

And many who watched the video praised the view. It is noteworthy that Mirandu, who was already visited by AR Raghuvan during the shooting of the film, is gone. Many people have said that the photo of the night will definitely be a Guinness record and will be nominated for an Oscar.

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