Parthiban’s night shadow teaser showing fear of death .. AR Raghuman immersed in threatening music

Actor Parthiban is the one who amazes the fans with his different work. He is currently directing a new venture called Shadow of the Night in a single shot. While many have refused to believe that this is possible, Parthiban has concluded that everything is possible.

The teaser of the film has been released and has been well received. The film stars Parthiban, Varalakshmi, Robo Shankar, Priyanka Ruth and many more. AR Raghuvan composed the music for the film. The music of the musical storm that started at the beginning of the teaser immerses us until the end.

And the film is set in complete darkness. It has amazed many that in this film he has taken all the scenes from pregnancy to the grave in one shot.

The shadow image of the night is taken with the central idea that hunger and money are what drive man to the end. This teaser is currently being praised by many. Also present at the teaser launch of the film were Parthiban, AR Raghuvan and the crew.

Fans who have seen this teaser are definitely appreciating that the film will also get Guinness and Oscar awards. There are already 3 Oscar winners working on the film. AR Rahman is one of them.

Also, 96 minutes of night shadow film was taken in a single shot. Arthur Wilson did the cinematography for the film. Meanwhile, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the film.

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