Peter Safran Discusses Possibility of Ezra Miller Staying at DC

Peter Safran Discusses Possibility of Ezra Miller Staying at DC

In addition to confirming DC’s new film and TV plans , James Gunn and Peter Safran commented on Ezra Miller ‘s future at the studio – and indicated that the doors are not closed.

During the presentation of the new films and series, Safran spoke about Miller’s treatment and indicated that decisions will be taken “at the right time”:

“Ezra is committed to recovery. And we are fully supporting this journey. When the time is right and Miller feels like he can have that conversation, we’ll figure out what the best way is. But now the focus is on recovery. And in our recent conversations, it looks like there is huge progress.”

During the same presentation, James Gunn praised The Flash , a film with Miller, which is scheduled for release in June this year:

“I will say here that The Flash is probably the greatest superhero movie ever made.”

The controversies involving the name of  Ezra Miller began in April 2020, when a video was released showing Miller knocking down a fan in the street . The case was never clarified. As early as March 2022, Hawaii police arrested  Ezra Miller  twice, and  a couple applied for a restraining order .

In June of the same year, Miller received a protective measure made by the family of Tokata Iron Eyes , with the accusation of physical and emotional abuse of the young woman, when Tokata was a minor. After that,  Miller posted some mysterious stories on Instagram and deleted the account . As early as August 2022, Miller apologized for the events and announced that he was starting ongoing treatment.

Since then, the question remains whether Ezra Miller will continue with the role of Flash in DC , or if someone else will be the scarlet speedster.

For now, The Flash is set to open in theaters on June 15, 2023.

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