Petrol was blown in the burning fire .. How could Gabriella be like this

The series Wet Rose Season 2, which started a few months ago on Vijay TV, stars Gabriella as the heroine for the first time in the series. Also Siddharth, Swati and Thiraviyam play the lead roles in the series.

Due to some confusion in the last moments of the marriage in the series, the couple who were to get married and the couple who fell in love did not like the marriage. That is, Siddharth was married to Gabriella and Swati to Dravida.

In this situation both Siddharth and Swati change their mind somewhat and start living this life. But both Material and Gabriella are so empty that they can’t forget love. In this situation, the series has begun to heat up.

Gabriella immediately knocks them over if there is any problem for her sister in this family. At this point Gabriella, Swati and Dravida all go to the temple. His friends, who saw the material and Gabriella while Swati was away, congratulated the couple on their marriage.

And the couple, who have been in love for many years, say they are glad we got married. It is distressing that their friends greeted them as if they were pouring oil on a burning fire in a state where the two were already separated.

Then Swati pours water on the material that came there. The big question is whether Gabriella will change her mind and start living with Siddharth. Also waiting for the quality of many new twists in the series.

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