Photos of Extinct Hollywood Stars Celebrating the Holidays


‘Tis the season to be festive and renowned for these classic Hollywood stars. Between Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and Contemporary one year’s Eve, there is plenty to have a honest appropriate time in the months of November and December. From Thanksgiving promotional shoots with Marilyn Monroe and Joan Crawford to taking half in vacation events with the likes of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, and even ringing in the Contemporary one year with Alfred Hitchcock, these 18 classic stars in actual fact knew how to have a honest appropriate time the vacation season. Let’s face it, appropriate because they’re Hollywood stars doesn’t indicate they don’t know the way to stay it up throughout the busiest time of the year.

It doesn’t matter as soon as you’ve been naughty or nice this year, enjoy an early reward and revisit some of essentially the most smartly-known faces of yesteryear to behold uncommon photos of historic Hollywood celebrating the vacation season.

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Lucille Ball

The tv icon arrives at Contemporary York’s LaGuardia Airport wearing an expensive fur coat as she embarks on a Thanksgiving vacation, circa 1950s.

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Betty White and Lorne Greene

Tv personalities Betty White and Lorne Greene flash a smile as they take a seat in the win hosting location at the 1965 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The pair made televised appearances at the parade throughout grand of the 1960s.

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Joan Crawford

American actress Joan Crawford (Whatever Occurred to Tiny one Jane?) carves a Thanksgiving turkey for a studio publicity shot, circa 1930s.

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Marilyn Monroe

American bombshell and actress Marilyn Monroe poses as a pilgrim next to stay turkey for a Thanksgiving-themed photoshoot in 1950.

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Liza Minnelli

A younger Liza Minnelli enjoys some ice cream as festive candy canes quilt the desk in her Hollywood, California home, circa 1950. Minnelli’s first on-masks masks appearance turned into as soon as in the film, Within the Gold Extinct Summertime (1949).

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Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

Actor Humphrey Bogart (Casablanca) poses alongside his fundamental other, actress Lauren Bacall (The Gigantic Sleep), and their son Stephen for a vacation stutter at their home in Beverly Hills, California, on Christmas Eve. The pair married in 1945 and stayed together except Bogart’s demise in 1957.

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Bob Hope

Radio superstar and comic Bob Hope conjures up just a few laughs from actress Helen Wood as he acts love Santa Claus for an tournament on December 12, 1938.

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Cary Grant and Loretta Younger

Actor Cary Grant and actress Loretta Younger handle a beautifully decorated Christmas tree on the residing of their 1947 film, The Bishop’s Companion. Filming turned into as soon as done in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and lyrics for the image had been recorded by Nat King Cole.

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Shirley Temple

Child superstar Shirley Temple (Curly High) models a dressing up for a 1936 vacation ad. Earlier that year, Temple had starred in four motion photographs, including Captain January, Heart-broken Tiny Successfully off Girl, Dimples, and Stowaway.

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Ethel Barrymore

Stage and masks masks superstar Ethel Barrymore, astronomical-aunt to Drew Barrymore, reads a e-book beside a Hanukkah menorah on the fireplace mantel, circa 1910. Ethel made her astronomical-masks masks debut in 1914’s The Nightingale.

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Bette Davis

Bette Davis does her easiest Santa Claus as she poses popping out of a Christmas wreath, circa 1930. Davis arrived in Hollywood in the early 1930s and quickly rose to fame after acting in Of Human Bondage in 1934.

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Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood

Actor Robert Wagner (The Pink Panther) and actress Natalie Wood (West Facet Memoir) have a honest appropriate time their wedding day in Scottsdale, Arizona, appropriate just a few days after Christmas, December 28, 1957.

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Bing Crosby

The talented singer/actor dons a Santa stride smartly with and smoking pipe as he poses in front of a Christmas tree to promote his vacation musical film, Paramount’s White Christmas (1954).

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Marilyn Monroe

The Some Prefer it Hot starlet dons a two-half bathing stride smartly with as she poses next to a fireside and Christmas wreath, circa 1951.

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Hattie McDaniel and Ernie Whitman

Academy Award-winner Hattie McDaniel and her Gone with the Wind co-superstar Ernie Whitman pose for a vacation ad on a Hollywood soundstage, November 28, 1947. McDaniel turned into as soon as the first African American to ever make a choice an Oscar. She turned into as soon as awarded the honour in 1940.

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Boris Karloff with Ginger Rogers

Actor Boris Karloff, who portrayed Frankenstein’s monster in the early In model alarm motion photographs, and actress Ginger Rogers (High Hat), be in contact come a Christmas tree at a Hollywood vacation occasion in December of 1932.

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Alfred Hitchcock

Illustrious Grasp of Suspense Alfred Hitchcock, director of Psycho and The Birds, rings in the unique year alongside with his daughter, Patricia (left), and fundamental other, Alma (dazzling), in Contemporary York City’s Stork Club, circa 1960.

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Mae West

Vaudevillian sex image Mae West poses with a festive Contemporary one year’s Eve setup in December 1936. Earlier that year, West starred in two motion photographs, Klondike Annie and Trail West, Younger Man.

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