Physical Episode 4: What to Expect?


‘Physical’ season 1 episode 3 finds Sheila, having taken her first successful aerobics class, begin to gain confidence. However, her perpetual demons of self-loathing persist, as do her financial troubles and having to deal with her boorish husband, Danny. However, that might all change in the upcoming episode. Let’s take a look at what ‘Physical’ season 1 episode 4 might have in store and when we can expect to see the episode.

Physical Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date

‘Physical’ season 1 episode 4 is set to release on June 25, 2021, at 3 am ET on Apple TV . The first three episodes released together on July 18, 2021. New episodes will subsequently be released every Friday till the season finale on August 6, 2021. In total, the season has 10 episodes, each lasting around 30 minutes.

Where to Stream Physical Season 1 Episode 4 Online?

‘Physical’ is an Apple production and is therefore exclusively available on their streaming platform — Apple TV . New episodes of the show, as well as all previous episodes of the current season, can be streamed on the platform, provided you have a subscription. Apple TV also offers a 7-day free trial subscription.

Physical Season 1 Episode 4 Spoilers

‘Physical’ season 1 episode 4 is titled ‘Let’s Get This Party Started,’ and we think we know why. Sheila’s inevitable stardom as the shiny spandex-clad TV goddess of aerobics that we catch a glimpse of in the opening scenes of the show seems to be nearing. With her successful first aerobics lesson under her belt and the need for money still looming, we expect to see Sheila make a big move towards her fame and fortune in the upcoming episode. However, this is sure to get her entangled with Bunny, the streetwise owner of the aerobics studio who only grudgingly allows Sheila to hold her class and takes 60% of her earnings.

It is also only a matter of time before Sheila’s career as an aerobics instructor and her husband Danny’s political aspirations clash. Though we might not see that just yet, we will see Danny move ahead with his campaign and attempt to gather votes. The as-yet mysterious character of the property developer John Breem, who seems to own large chunks of seaside real estate and has shown an interest in Sheila, will also most likely be explored in episode 4.

Further developments will likely take place in Sheila’s friendship with the incredibly wealthy Greta, who looks up to the protagonist and who might just hold the key to getting support and funding for Danny’s campaign. Danny’s proclivities towards young girls are also seen to be gnawing at Sheila more and more and are something that might just bubble to the surface in the upcoming episode.

Physical Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

‘Physical’ season 1 episode 3 opens with Sheila obsessed with the aerobics classes she’s recently joined at the mall. Despite her rocky relationship with the trainer, she manages to convince her boyfriend Tyler to let her join the class in exchange for getting him a video project with her husband’s campaign. Despite her first class being a success, Sheila spends most of it calling herself a “fat ghost” in her mind.

She isn’t the only one suffering from low self-esteem, though. Her wealthy acquaintance turned friend Greta, who eats compulsively and suffers from debilitating self-hatred, quits the class midway, saying she can never do what Sheila does. However, Sheila, in an unexpected moment of compassion, agrees to give her individual aerobics classes, hence sealing their friendship.

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