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Actor Mohan was the one who was growing up to compete with Rajini and Kamal in the cinema of the period. He was also known as the Silver Jubilee Man because many of the films he starred in celebrated the Festival.

There are many directors and producers who did not get his call sheet. To that extent he acted in many films as a very sticky actor. And in all the movies he starred in he would somehow hold a mic and sing a song.

This is why fans call him Mike Mohan. Having acted as a hero in many films, he did not act in cinema after a period of time. The reason for that is that he said that he will continue to act as a hero. But now that the principles have flown in the air, there are rumors that Mohan Vijay has signed on to play the brother in his next film.

Thus for some years there was a big gap between him and the cinema. He is currently back as a hero in the movie Hara. It is in this film that Mohan has a suspense for the fans.

SN Surender has been dubbing for all the films Mohan has acted in so far. The voice of the playback singer was very apt for Mohan. Naturally Mohan’s voice is not so good.

That is why Surender has been giving voice for Mohan. The two are currently said to have split due to a disagreement. In this situation, there is a suspense as to who will be dubbing for the film in which Mohan is currently starring.

No wonder he dubbed himself saying he was probably taking the risk. If so, it’s definitely going to be a big blow to him. The film crew has kept the matter in suspense until now. Whatever the case, it remains to be seen what the reaction of the fans will be once the film is released.

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