Poonam Pandey: Kannavalle strangled me and kicked me out of the house ..

Lockup is a reality show hosted by Bollywood firebrand Kangana Ranaut. It is a well known fact that this show is number one among all Bollywood reality shows. The purpose of this show is to bring together all the controversial actors and reveal the secrets that happened in their lives. Many contestants have already shocked the audience by revealing the secrets of their lives. From the first episode onwards, porn star Poonam Pandey has become the center of attraction in the show. This bhama reveals one by one all the secrets that have been nestled in her life. Poonam, who was in tears after being told how much her husband had abused her, once again shed tears by revealing the dark side of her past. At one point, she claimed that her parents had strangled her and taken her out.

“Four years ago I was with my parents like everyone else. But one day I don’t know what happened. My parents grabbed me by the neck and kicked me out of the house without giving me any reason. When I asked what the reason was, your face closed the door without answering. My family did not see me as my own man .. I only saw it as a money giving machine. People outside are talking bitterly about me, thinking that it will bring disgrace to the family but they did not understand me at the time, ”she said in tears. The rest of the contestants were also moved to tears by Poonam’s words. Currently this episode has gone viral.

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