Prabhas: The police shocked the young rebel star .. The car stopped on the sidewalk

Hyderabad traffic police are cracking down on violators of the rules. It is learned that in the last few days, the traffic police have been campaigning extensively for the removal of black stickers and black films on vehicles. It is a well known fact that celebrities use black films for privacy. Recently the police have not even let them go. Police have already blocked the cars of NTR, Allu Arjun, Kalyan Ram, Manchu Manoj and Naga Chaitanya, removed the black film and fined them. Recently, the car of young rebel star Prabhas was stopped by the police. Police stopped Prabhas’ car on Jubilee Hills Road No. 36 in Hyderabad and found that the number plate was incorrect, had black film and had an MP sticker affixed to the car. He immediately removed the black film and MP sticker and was fined Rs 1,450. However, police said that Prabhas was not in the car at the time and was fined by the driver.

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